Blog 'upgrades' & Videos return!!  

TakesTeatsStood 51M
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4/7/2005 6:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Blog 'upgrades' & Videos return!!

As I mentioned a while ago, it seems we have an AdultFriendFinder employee in the blogs area. luvpump has posted a call for suggestions in his blog and he is halfway to making the 'top male' blogs based on the comments just in his one post.

For those that post - you will notice the new options on the left of your 'add a post' box - including the a new addition of smileys.

Kinda cool that you can add pictures as well - for example her is luvpump's picture from his profile luvpump (edit to add... well the pictures were working - as of this moment his isn't showing up for me..... perhaps it will show up for you)

Another new addition that shocked me - you can 'undelete' posts - at first I thought that AdultFriendFinder had deleted one of my posts and I needed to re-edit it it - but it turnedout it was one of my double posts that I had deleted that suddenly was available.

And I see that the Videos are back - good deal!!

sportyfun56 107M

4/7/2005 11:43 am

yeah.. the undelete feature is nice.. but as for the double posting issue. When I delete the superfluous blog post, I'd like it to really be deleted. From my own visual blog as well as my public blog. I have a couple of these "invisible" posts now clogging up my blog.

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