An afternoon walk in the park rememberred.......  

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4/14/2005 11:45 pm

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An afternoon walk in the park rememberred.......

We met at a local park, not a first meeting, we had met before, kissed before, but that was it.

It was October, the leaves had not yet begun to fall for the most part but they were turning and it was very scenic. Since it was a weekday were we basiclaly alone, a couple other cars were in the lot but it was a big park so it didn't seem like anyone else was around.

The park was on the side of a steep riverbank so there were deep ravines and a lot of stairs. We walked hand in hand along the pathways, stopping here and there to talk, hug, kiss. She was a wonderful kisser, it was like we were from the same school of kissing or something. I mean I have kissed a lot of women over the years and she is in the top two if not number one, at least from my perspective. She always told me I was an amazing kisser as well, her term was that he eyes felt like they were pulling into her head whenever we kissed... and after each one she would sigh and look at me with droopy eyes.

We continued on and headed down a flight of stairs, there were a couple of landings and we stopped at one. We had a good view of the river and she leaned over the railing looking down. She favored shorts that time of year even though it was a little cool. I, as I almost always am, was in my trusty 501's. I moved behind her after yet another kiss and leaned against her. I am sure she knew she had me very hard but there was no doubt when I pressed against her.

My hands wrapped around her and I lifter her longish curly blonde hair and kissed and lightly licked the nape of her neck, he response was to take in her breath and push her hips back against me.

My hands moved down around her waist and then over her shorts, sliding down between her legs and pressing against her warmth. Again she sighed deeply and then turned around holding me tightly and kissing me with more aggression than I had ever seen from her in these early days of our relationship.

Again my hand moved down between her legs, I could honestly feel her dampness through the shorts. Her hand at the same time was feeling me through my jeans, causing me to groan with pleasure and wanting.

I moved my hand slightly to the side, pushed/pulled the leg of the shorts and the panties underneath out of the way and found her bare mound, she had told me she was clean shaven but having never been with a woman before that was I was a bit surprised at the sensation, yet it made things so much easier, finding her moist lips, parting them slightly and finding her very wet. Then moving my fingers up to discover exactly how her hot button would feel under my fingers and how she would react. It seems just like no two fingerprints are the same, every woman's love button has a different feel, must be carefully examined so that you can know it as well as your own self.

My touch had an immediate reaction from her and she held me close as I explored and teased, learning how she reacted to my wandering hand. Around her clit, down between her lips, parting them, dipping them slowly and then tracing their way back up. Her breathing became more rapid and she stopped worrying about my hardness, just holding me and moaning... finally she pushed my hand away and kissed my neck, then pulled my shirt out of my pants and ran her lips across my stomach.

At this point we were still leaning against the railing but I remember we were near a corner of the landing so I could lean against one while she had her back to another, I wasn't oblivious to our surroundings and did look about from time to time to see if anyone was approaching, hoping I would be able to see them from far enough away that we could get ourselves composed.

She had me so hard that there was a small wet spot on my jeans near the waist band, and with one slight pull on the waistband she could see the source of the wetness, she then unbuttoned my jeans, eager to have me in her hands. That's what I thought at least, she hardly looked at it, her mouth was on my head in no time and god the feeling was amazing. She knew exactly what she was doing. Where I would say she was one of the top two kissers in my personal experience, she is head and shoulders above any other woman I have felt that way. At first she went at me very fast, as if she expected me to cum in a matter of a few seconds. I'll admit it was a possibility as turned on as I was and as amazing as her mouth felt on me, with my toes curling and my knees bending (thank goodness for the railing), I asked to slow down.

She was actually surprised, saying she was used to men that liked it fast. I replied that I wanted to enjoy it and so she had to go slow so I could feel every sensation of her mouth and hands caressing me. That was another thing, I don't think she was taking as much of me in her mouth as at least one or two other women had, but her hands were amazing, it made me feel totally engulfed. She told me she loved oral sex and that it turned her on so much. Looking back she was being truthful, never once in those many other times she took me that way did I feel she was just doing it to do it, it was a very sensual thing for her.

So here we were, me standing, her kneeling on a landing in a public park, I still was glancing around from time to time and knew that there was a risk here. She wanted me to cum, I wanted to as well.... but the position was a bit too awkward so I moved back to one of the steps of the landing and sat down, she joined me and again took me in her amazing mouth.

Although I am usually never selfish I knew I would not be able to repay her this afternoon, and she knew it too, this was all about me and I finally accepted that and just watched her go down on me. Touching her face, feeling her hair, this wasn't rough, this was sensual. After how long I haven't a clue I finally decided to let her finish me off, yes I had been fighting the urge, knowing that the feeling would be over once I came.

With a word of warning I came, hard, she told me later she could not believe how much, most of it shooting straight to the back of her throat. I moaned and shook, stomped my feel as best as I could at the release, she never eased up, holding on to me tightly and taking it all, then sliding off me she looked up at me and smiled and said 'Damn!! That was nice.'

I couldn't have agreed more.

We had many more adventures over the next year and a half. A few were as risky, most much less so. But every time we never walked away from each other feeling used, we always wanted to please each other and we did.

I still hope someday we might again.

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4/15/2005 10:52 am

C'mon guys, thought? Comments? Pleaseee? lol

I mailed this story to the person it is about last night and received this short reply this morning, "OMG is all I can say. how amazing and so true." I was worried I was embellishing, guess not

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4/15/2005 4:37 pm

Nice story post!

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