A blast from the past.  

TakesTeatsStood 51M
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4/2/2005 9:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A blast from the past.

How cool this was.

Today I checked one of my email accounts and had a message from a long ago online friend.

Now for some of you long ago might mean a year. This person I first started talking to online seven years ago. I mean thats eons in the internet world.

She and I met using a program called cuseeme, anyone ever use that? It is still is around though I haven't used it in years. Just imagine a chat room where everyone is also using video cameras (sound wasn't in use much, we were usually all on dial up lines afterall) - made life a lot easier when it came to figguring out if the person you were talking to was a guy or a gal.

When we met I was 32, she was 27. She was a beautiful single lady who, like most women online had a long line of eager men chasing after her. I too of course was smitten with her although I don't think she ever looked at me as anything but a nice older guy.

We had a few gaps over time, she changed jobs, dated guys, and dumped them. Now she is married and has 2 kids. Last time we had talked was November of 2003. Yet she still looked me up today (she was the one who dissapeared back then). Who knows how long we will talk this time, and there is nothing more than a friendship, of that I am sure, but its still nice to know someone you liked thought enough of you to look you up after so long.

She is such a sweet girl and comes across as so innocent, a stay at home mom and apparently is getting a bit stir crazy, I suggested blogging as a way to express herself. No she won't be posting here, that would be a big shock to her to know I spent time on AdultFriendFinder - lol.

I mean.. this is how out of touch she appears to be with the net... first off she said I was never on I C Q - well lets think why - no one I know uses it anymore!! Then when I suggested blogging she asked me what that was - seriously!!

So my day was brightened by that, if you have someone that you miss and think about from time to time, try to track them down if you can and say hi, I promise you it will most likely be a good thing!!

misticwriter88 37M

5/18/2005 9:43 am

Yeah.. used to use CuSeeMe.. not sure if it is still around or not, tho.

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