The most Lame AFF adverts  

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6/30/2006 11:39 pm

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The most Lame AFF adverts

I am fairly new to this site, and i found it cool, quite interesting, but somehow stressful as you have to browse and check and try to send a mail, a wink, an invite, go through the lobbies of chat, look over useless conversations about pizzas or weather, try to participate and be totally ignored, accept the fact that everything line of chat there is actually 20 “xxx has entered the room”, them try ICM, page members that fit you, pray for a reply, hope for the best… I assume this is part of the fun really… very fun….

However what bothers me most is that there are plenty of ads here that sole purpose is to get you off the site... use msn or yahoo.
Press 1234 to: Pay per view
Isn't that on the total opposite of AdultFriendFinder purpose?
Aren't we all here to chat and meet and explore stuff together?
It seems not...

I even encounter a case in the last couple of days whereby, i send a cute mail, i did bother a bit on it, i got a reply, great, let's move to hotmail for whatever reason, ok I’ll go along, a little back and forth and then, "Oh, by the way, to meet me and see my pics register here, it's only 20$, and then we can talk more you know"... why on earth would i do that?
Didn't i just agree and pay to be part of a community within AdultFriendFinder?

ok ok i quit moaning, maybe i am just "little grasshopper" learning how to read the "signs", but it just kills the concept...i feel

Stay tuned, cause all those "Signs" i'll put them up here!

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