Job Interview fantasm  

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7/2/2006 3:01 am
Job Interview fantasm

Here is a little story i actually wrote for AdultFriendFinder ladies which i liked
That's one of my fantasme, nearly acheived, but not quite in the same situation...

As you walk in my office i stand up to greet you with a smile, you smile back and seem a little nervous, we shake hand, you have a firm handshake, that tell's me that you will not be nervous for long. You are wearing a mini skirt and a white shirt.
I offer you a drink and make you comfortable. You sit in the chair, resting your arms on each sides and crossing your legs in a very sexy manner. You just caught my eyes looking down your legs... and you smile. I blush a little...
We start talking about the job, we connect easily, while you are sipping your glass, i keep looking at your lips and thinking how you would kiss, how would you treat my cock and how would i do you on this very desk.
You caught me again...
i smile this time and ask you to unbutton your shirt slowly.
You open you skirt and uncover your breast, you wear no bra. i am totally turned on by you i decide to take some control. i stand up and walk up to you, carry you by the hips and sit you on my desk. I then deep my hand under your skirt and feel your pussy, your warm, you are enjoying the contact. I start kissing you, i suck gently on your nipples, you are reaching to my cock and feeling how hard it is. I decide to lick you up, after gently removing your underwear, i go down in one move and lick masterfully your pussy from bottom to down. your are moaning, i do it again... you grab my head, i do it again, this time flicking my tongue rapidly on your clitoris... your are moaning more and more, your pussy is wet and i enjoy your taste, my cock is hard, strong, looking forward some of your attention. i walk around the desk, as you read my mind, you turn around your position to suck my dick and immediately starting work on my cock....mmmmmm you feel good, you are licking, pumping sensually, reaching and licking my balls...i fear to burst out, i gain control over myself, play gently with your hair, reach for your beautifull ass, grab it full hand....mmmm I touch your nipples, they are hard, my cock is ready for you, your pussy is ready for me, you lean on desk, legs on the floor, elbows on the top table, I come behind you, and gently look for your pussy with my cock, I go in, you are moaning, you feel how hard my cock is, you bend over a little more, I go deeper and start moving slowly… we are both on fire, I go a little harder, then a slow down, I reach to you pussy and start masturbating you at the same time, you are coming, I can feel that you are enjoying your job interview mmmm your moan more and more, you are coming, this turns me on, more moaning, more more, mmmmm, you came, I feel your pussy muscle contracting, I am so horny I can help coming with you, you know it, you turn around, put your hand on my cock and start playing, it is not long before I come, I come a lot, with a deep moaning, you suck my cock slowly just as a reward, we are both smiling, sweating…. As you stand up, we kiss, I hold your chick and neck.

We then relax and finish our drink, wondering if a second interview might be necessary, We agree on “yes”, our next appointment is fixed for after tomorrow … we have several more point to discuss together….

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little story, I want to know if you read it more than once, did you touch yourself at the same time? Personnaly… I did

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