Challenge for women: make your man miss the football!!  

rm_popcorn_SL 41M
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6/29/2006 2:31 am
Challenge for women: make your man miss the football!!

It is France-Spain, the game is on, i am to the top of my worries, Thuram foul the Spanish penalty, 1-0 Spain, it's a disaster, Terrible feeling... then she walks in,

She is wearing the new white nuisette i bought her with the equally new white G-string Swarovski crystal.
She stands in front of the TV, I try to wave around her to see the game, she grab my chick with a firm hand, look me straight in the eyes and say: "forget about the foot, right now, you'll score me"
She then lay me down the coach, she sit on the top of my face, pulling aside her string and ask me to lick her... she is already wet, I can feel her excitement, she start moaning slowly asking to go faster, please add your finger, mmmm she then reach my cock and stuff it all down her throat, she is sucking hard, the more horny she becomes, the harder she suck on me... the game is on, I am playing faster, give it a little break, go back at it, she lick my cock, pump it nice, suck on my balls.... we are both close to having timely orgasm... she then decides to sit on my cock, she goes all the way down, turning her back at me, still wearing her nuisette and string, I put my arms to rest behind me in a half seated position. She is simply doing me completely, I do not move, I am just enjoying, as she moans more and more, she gets louder, have an orgasm, it's hard to control myself, her pussy is dripping on me, I am too exited, I just can't hold it anymore and explosed in her pussy.... mmmmm that's what she wanted, she is smiling, and so am I...
I turn around just in time to see Ribery forcing the field, free-kick, Vieira header and its 1-1... The rest is history, perfect timing... thank you

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