Caught by the lake  

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6/26/2006 10:57 pm
Caught by the lake

The action takes place in France, just south of Paris. I was going out with a cutie from Portugal since couple of month. We had a fair sexual drive...

We were hanging out at a party, as we leave, we walk into my car, a green fiat panda with black windows, i already sensed that both of us had build up some excitement during this party, she start touching my legs gently, between shifting gears i sort of manage to do the same. My cock was slowly growing; she could feel it and start massaging it. That made me very horny indeed, as i reach under her skirt and start playing slowly with her clit. we were both starting to feel really good but soon realize that it wasn't going to be easy to satisfy each other while driving the car. She then tells me to pull over by the lake we are passing by. No arguing.
We drove slowly down the round, it's a one way road around the lake, and park the car in "a perfect" spot.
i settle the music, keep the heater on since it is winter, we both move to the backseat, i fold the two front to make more room and sit in the middle of the back sit.
She is so horny that she just removes her string and jump on my hard cock looking over the rear window. she does everything, my arm rest on the sit so not to interfere, it is really exiting for a man to just sit back, and let his woman do all the work
We are both moaning to the rhythm of the music, she is very exited and wet, I feel her pussy juice flowing over my balls, her tits are hard, her nipples pointing hard. I looked at her and found her so beautiful, I was in ecstasy… then she start moving slower, looking over the rear window, which I can’t see, and she stopped. Light is coming… since the road is one way only, I turn around just in time to catch a white car, with couple of guys inside passing by slowly, they definitely caught us here…. One of them shouts and laughs by the window and they leave slowly…
I smile and turn around to finish what we’ve started, she is a bit worried now, I tell her to relax, it’s cool, it is rather exiting… and she continues to her moaning…mmmmm I am back in ecstasy…
Less than five minutes later, she slows down again, stopped and jump off me, I turn around quickly and see the same white car, with the same guys, coming out the wrong way of the road just for us!!!!... I am pretty pissed off, I try to go out with my underwear to my feet, grab my jean and nearly fall while doing so… the guys didn’t insist and left, leaving us here, with unfinished business… it’s over, both of us are no longer horny… I dropped her home and went to mine

A couple of weeks later, we are hanging out to a party, she catch up with some boys she knew from before, we sympathize, start talking, and out the blue, that guys is telling a story how he caught some couple by the lake a couple of weeks back, how hilarious that was and how the guys pissed off was trying to fit his jean, nearly falling out while doing so… we can’t help it to both blush a little and start to laugh really hard… the guys obviously ask why we were carried away with this funny but simple story, to which we replied, it was us!

I never saw those guys again, they kind of spoil a good time, but never mind, the odds of seeing them again was so small, and yet it happened.

Great memory for a good experience that still makes me smile


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