rm_ponystud069 65M
4 posts
3/5/2006 11:44 pm

Looking from the shadowed light
Staring into the darkened night
A child lost forever gone
Shattered dreams ripped to the bone
Sees the walk of gentle grace
Bringing light to this cold hard place
A warmth a smile a single trace
Of beauty long gone.

The spirit of love seems too grow
And the darkness seems to go
As I watch your gentle dance
My heart feel the stir of romance
That I thought was forever gone
But as I watch something is wrong
First you here then your gone

Here I am foolish man
Standing on this barren sand
Seeing visions of the past
Haunting phantoms that do not last
But for the moment there was grace
In this cold and barren place

So again from the shadowed light
Will be waiting for the darkened night
A child lost forever gone

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