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3/7/2006 3:12 am

I was brought to ER because I dropped my bike and was by the pavement. I was waiting to be looked at by the Docs when she walked in. She was an angel in white dark auburn hair; blue eyes that would make you want to drown in them and a smile of the gods. She walked over to me and asked if I felt any chest pains and began cutting away my jeans. Washing blood away as she touched me. I forgot the pain. And as she bent I saw hints of lace and soft mounds behind the fabric of her blouse. I couldn't’t believe as bad as I hurt she was making me excited. I was beginning to grow and I knew she noticed because she smiled for just a moment I went red. She asked me to take to take off my jeans. How could I tell this woman, this beautiful creature I couldn't because she had me aroused. She was talking cleaning my leg so when I didn’t respond she smiled and closed curtain and laughed telling me no one could see. I told her I needed help and she began to unsnap jeans and help me slide them off she was so close I felt her breath on my thigh at that point I was lost. My hardness jumped I heard her breath take for a second and I covered myself. She laughed pulled my hand away and looked at me with pure hunger I couldn't believe what I saw. Was this real or fantasy. She bent and slid my briefs off and my manhood jumped to life she laughed took it in her hand and said hope this isn’t broke. I groaned as she stroked my hips moving up slightly. Then I felt her mouth, her breath touch the head. I could only watch and feel the hunger raise in me. She teased me played with me brought me to the edge then stopped. I moaned and looked at her with need in my eyes, my lips open, my hand trembling as she raised her shirt. Showing the hottest legs and thighs I have ever seen and she slowly removed her panties.
I watched in awe and surprise as she opened her blouse allowing me to see her breast in a white silk push-up. Her were nipples hard needing to be kissed. I felt her hands on me again stroking me as she whispered; she wanted me and gave me a kiss. The urgency was strong and she had to be fast. I watched her straddle me slide over my hardness and slide all the way down my hands held her. I watched her as she rode me passion, hunger, need all showing on her face. I felt myself swell as her velvet skin surrounded me I reached up pinched massaged her breast as she rode me fast hard, then she bent kissed me and screamed into my neck her body raked with spasms. I couldn't take any more I exploded deep into her. She sighed kissed me, bent and cleaned my hardness with her tongue. Covering me with a gown She walked out leaving me there spent confused wondering if I had lost my mind. A moment later the doc came in checked me, had me x-rayed and decided I could go home. I was beginning to believe the blow to my had had caused me to have this fantasy when she returned with a wheel chair and told the nurses station she would take me to the lot. She talked but in a professional manner and I knew I had wished what happened that it wasn’t real. We left ER and my ride pulled up she bent kissed my neck and slipped a piece of paper in my hand. She smiled winked and walked away. The note said call me, let me come make sure your OK. My ride couldn't understand a man who had just crashed his bike and lost so much hide could be smiling. He looked at me and said good drugs. I smiled and nodded and told him he had no idea and we drove away.

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