Being Me  

rm_ponystud069 65M
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3/7/2006 9:10 pm
Being Me

I wonder what it takes to be liked in todays society. I sometimes wonder if I were different, would I would be accepted more. But alas I am what I am.I believe a person can love more than one person. I believe that the act of sex is about the dance. The dance is the knowing and exploring the person your with or want to be with. It is taking time to make them know they are special. I can be anyone here it isn't hard but i choose to be me as I am old tired and lonely. But I care, I like making friends, I like hearing their happiness and being there when sad. Meeting someone will happen if it happens but knowing someone here is as special and as wanted. Please don't let my goofing in room fool you I am well rounded and it has been a long journey. I have no regrets now or in the past. I live for today because tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

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