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rm_pogonut2 44M
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7/31/2006 8:04 pm
alot said

well the weekend was boring. I managed to pull my tranny and get it to the rebuilderes, gonna realign the motor wed and hope to get the tranny back in Thur, or friday. tuesday is new release day and i have no work this week so i'll be watching movies all day tomorrow. i am excited about getting my truck running again, better than driving a van around trying to pick up woman in. got an e-mail from the company i hired to fix my credit, they said another 4 weeks i should start receiving letters from creditors, i'm excited about that too, when i get my credit fixed i want to buy a house and possibly a mini cooper. i did allot of baking this week as usuall, i'm gonna get fat eating all these sweets, so i need to get a bread machine and dough mixer, so i can start making bread or something better for me.i saw a preview for a series on showtime that starts it's second season the first was funny, it should be good too. my house is a mess and i feel too lazy to clean right now. gotta do it by this weekend gotta get my kids again, thy want to go skating or bowling, hm mm dunno yet. well off to answer some e-mail have a great week all.

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