Intimate Seduction  

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7/2/2006 5:56 am

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Intimate Seduction

i open the door and usher you in. soft music plays in the background, and the dim flicker of candlelight teases your senses. i wrap my arms around you, stare into your eyes, and softly and slowly kiss you. i wrap a blindfold around your eyes, and proceed to slowly and completely undress you. once you are completely undressed, except for your socks i gently lay you on the bed and stretch your arms out above you. i move your knees in the air, spread your legs wide, and scoot your sock feet together so that they touch then i begin to bath your entire body in oil. i take your foot in both my hands, and softly rub the oil in, squeezing it foot in both my hands, while i put your toe completely in my mouth, and suck on it. i work my way up each thigh, first pouring the oil onto you then firmly working it in with both hands. then your tummy with both my hands firmly kneading your soft skin. then i pour the oil on your breasts and gently rub you. soon your entire body is glistening with the reflection of the flicker of candles.

it is soft, shiny, and sensuous.

it has felt my hands over every inch of you. now you lay there with your arms stretched above your head your knees are in the air your legs are spread wide your sock feet are pressed together. you are blindfolded but you can tell that i am drinking in the beauty of the luscious curves of your body. bathing your body with my strong, gentle touch has aroused you to the point where you crave me to touch your wetness and you grab my hand to guide me but i'm not ready for you yet. i havent finished arousing you fully. i begin to kiss you very softly with a wet, intimate warmth that makes your body feel warm all over. as i kiss you i glide my strong hands all over your tummy inner thighs and breasts.

i move you out to the balcony place your hands on the rail spread your legs in a wide stance and begin to slowly and systematically wet your entire body down with soft, intimate kisses. all the way from your toes to softly sucking the back of your knees all the way up you to your inner neck and then with your legs spread and your ass exposed to me i begin to breath against you almost touching you so that you feel the heat of my breath softly tease your wetness. then i move behind you and i take your hand and place it on me and allow you to take my in your hand and gently rub me all over your wetness. you begin to moan softly because you crave me to be inside you to feel me pressed deep into you and you try to push me inside you with your hand around me but i only let you rub me all over you while i caress your breasts from behind .

finally, when you are wild with desire i let you back youself into me with you hands on the rail i stand fimly planted while you pound your ass into me. faster and faster you push yourself back with all your strength with your arms against the rails because you want to feel me deep inside you. then i sit on a chair and guide you over to me and you take me in your hands and guide yourself down so that i am inside you and while we kiss and i caress your breasts and grab your ass with both my hands. you begin to move up and down against me pounding yourself onto me then as you begin to near climax you lean back so that your hands are supporting you against the wall and with me deep inside you. i stimulate you with one of my hands very gently and caress your breasts with the other. you feel this erotic pressure building inside and finally you explode with multiple waves of pleasure. i wrap my arms around you with me still inside you and we kiss.


7/8/2006 9:03 pm

If this is what you mean by wanting a sensual romantic count me in. Amazingly close to what I had in mind, contact me and let's make it a reality! I really get into pleasing a woman and just want to go crazy "spoiling" her with attention. Check my profile again! ttyl, RB

SirMounts 103M

7/17/2006 2:10 am

Very good writing, and welcome to blogging, poetictrance.

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