The Teasing pleasure of a slow touch  

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3/26/2006 8:35 pm
The Teasing pleasure of a slow touch

Sit Back, relax, take in all that's around you. Take a moment for yourself, for no one else will.

Imagine in the deep recesses of your mind, laying nude on soft satin sheets, in a room lit by candlelight, incense intoxicates the air with a soothing mystic scent. your lover or fantasy, comes to you. His strong frame, soft skin, gleaming in the glow of the candles, his eyes flicker with his desire and lust for you.
he takes his hands and his soft fingetips and simply lets them glide over you so entrancingly.
as he does so the small hairs on your skin raise in response, his touch so arousing you can't help but gasp the erotica in the room deep into your lungs, filling your mind with thoughts of the rest of the night.
From your calves, legs, to your stomach, and abdomen, arms, shoulders everywhere except those places you crave for him to touch and explore.
Slowly his fingertips seem to dance over your skin, sending shocks of pleasure deep within your core, your breathing deepens, and finally, and what seems so long of anticipation he begins to caress and trace over you breasts, slowly teasingly, bringing your nipples to life with his touch, stroking them between his strong thumb and gentle forefinger, tracing down to your inner thighs and caressing in a circular motion directly onto them, bringing his fingers so close to your apex before retreating back, making you mad with wanton lust and desire, as your body craves and covets his touch, he continues to slowly make his way, His voice rings out as he softly instructs you to turn over, and as soon as you do, his fingers glide over the very top of your skin, up the back of your legs before his fingers begin to intertwine themselves in a mystical movement across your ass, tracing everwhere, before tracing the valley between the cheeks of your bottom.
once again his fingers come dangerously close to feeling your wetness and your sex, but still they retreat before making contact.
finally he guides you back over, sits himself next to you and slowly traces your lips with his fingers teasingly, touching your wetness your very admission of your desire, soon his fingers work deeper within, massaging the inner lips and your clit on their way to the core of your lust.
Imagine if you will, his fingers touching your most intimate sensitive spots from which you scream his name into the night as your body begins to buck grind and rock itself against his smooth fingers as they constantly massage your smooth velvet flesh inside.
Soon his fingers move faster, massaging firmer and deeper, as your body continues to respond, and you both lose yourself in this glorious sexual moment, you surrender your moans and passions as he surrenders his desire to please in a singular moment of understanding.
your body writhes under the guidance of his fingers as they continue to stroke your sacred spots inside along with his thumb slowly massaging your clit firmly.
soon you can't hold back, you can't fight it, inside your mind is the maelstrome of chaos with your thoughts, how good this feels, how turned on he as you, all emotions seem to meld into a giant ball, holding steady at your center, one final stroke of his expert stroking fingers, and your whole body releases everything in your orgasm, stress, tension, worries, all of it , surrender to your sexual peak while his fingers become drenched in the nectar of your confessions of sex.
this is the power of touch
the power of focused movements of the fingers and hands.
take a moment to ponder this

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