Succubus Night, Fallen Angel's Embrace pt 4  

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4/27/2006 7:46 am
Succubus Night, Fallen Angel's Embrace pt 4

See she comes all dressed in leather
Divora this succubus with black wings
Can you handle her stormy weather
And the fallen lust she brings

Antone is the mortals name
Boredom and curiosity within his soul
Divora set her sights on the game
To take him under her lustful control

Candles adorn her dark room
Everything painted deep purple black and red
In the corner a black rose in full bloom
Instantly desires flood his head

Dragon's blood incense burns a mystic scent
Captivating Antone's senses
There lies Devora queen of lustful penance
Dripping of desires essence

A fire roars in the hearth to the side
As Devora saunters over to her prey
His chest her breasts softly collide
while one of her hands begins to tease and play

Antone can smell Patchouli on her soft skin
He can see her raven hair so long and straight
Within her eyes he sees such tempting sin
In her form Antone sees his lustful fate

Devora kisses him so full and strong
As she gently caresses is swelling core
To this newfound mistress he belongs
Fallen angel of ancient lore

He can feel her heaving breasts
Devora's tongue snaking down his throat
Antone's heart beating out of his chest
When she ties his hands with velvet rope

Forcing Antone onto his knees
Placing one of her legs over his shoulders
Antone's tongue so quick to please
The night's air gets even colder

To her will Antone begins to cower
Giving in to her desire
His tongue parts the petals of her flower
As her wetness burns his tongue like a wild fire

Her taste so bittersweet
His tongue penetrating nice and slow
Through her sex he can feel her heartbeat
As her arousal begins to grow

Devora runs her fingers through his hair
A soft moan of pleasure escapes her lips
Antone's tongue moving with exotic flare
She responds by seductively gyrating her hips

Devora bucks wildly at this young man's will
Crushing herself against his tongue
Antone begins rubbing her clit with precise skill
As a shuttered breath drawn into her lungs

Her muscles grip and tighten
Antone hears her moans pierce the air
Devora's eyes begin to brighten
Thrusting against him like a wild mare

Her body unleashes to him her deepest sin
Bittersweet taste all over his lips
Her body trembles deep within
Finally releasing him from between her hips

Devora takes him slowly toward the bed
Stripping his clothes along the way
Tying his wrists above him, his legs widely spread
As the candles continue to flicker and sway

Slowly crawling up between his thighs
A wicked grin upon her face
Antone can't believe his eyes
when she slowly starts stroking his base

Nibbling slowly on his abdomen
Her fingernails tease his core
Devora's tongue flicks across his skin
As Antone begs for more

Finally Devora's wings spread out wide
As she takes his lust between her lips
Raking her nails down his side
Antone long-fully arches his hips

She takes him all the way down
Her tongue encircling his length
Sucking wildly upon his lustful crown
Gripping him with such strength

Antone groans through closed teeth
Her mouth engulfing his sin
His surrender seems so sweet
As he succumbs to this fallen Vixen

Devora wraps her mouth around his fruit
first one then the other
Her hands stroking his hardened root
As Antone moans for this darken lover

Sucking every inch of his burning sex
Antone writhes at the unrelenting attention
Devora won't stop just yet
She wants Antone's confession

Antone feels it swell inside his soul
Her mouth gripping so tight
Devora's tongue moves with precise control
Hitting every spot just right

Antone's body burns up with her fire
As he struggles against the rope
Finally surrendering his liquid desire
Devora's mouth locked tight as she gives one final stroke

Then Devora grins as she straddles his hips
Her nails raking down his chest
Guiding Antone between her soft wet lips
As she leans down offering him her supple breasts

Antone arches himself to Devora's secret altar
She grinds him even deeper into her velvet wetness
Through her lustful eyes he stares into her
While Devora dances down upon him with such finesse

She can feel his heart deep inside her core
As Antone thrusts with powerful strength
Devora rakes her nails down his chest even more
As she slams all the way down his length

Antone's mouth all over her so warm and wet
As she takes him all the way
His tongue lashing out at her breasts
Devora's body wildly sways

Their moans pierce the night sky
Devora riding her slave so wildly
Antone's lust feeling wickedly divine
As he surrenders his desires so freely

Finally Devora sets her slave free
Placing herself on her hands and knees
In a tone so bittersweet
She tells him she wants sodomy

Ever so gently easing into her darkest place
Devora arches herself commanding even more
ecstasy written all over her face
Antone's fingers drive deep into her other core

Antone buries himself to the base
Satisfying her darkest desire
Completing this Fallen Embrace
Letting their lust burn like a wild fire

Thrusting deeper into both of her sins
Devora bucking and rocking against her pet lover
Antone driving his apex and fingers deeper within
Filling her up like no other

Devora screams in her Darkest lust
Antone feels his explosion swell within
He delivers one final thrust
As they both confess their fallen sin

Mistress and slave collapse on one another
Another fallen angel at her best
Creating yet another darkened lover
but the story is finished not quite yet

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