Sex the Magical Journey  

rm_poet22143 34M
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5/14/2006 8:22 pm
Sex the Magical Journey

Why is it that sex, sensuality, pleasure, desire,and Lust are as powerful as they are.
how we shape our worlds for the pursuit of these to be in our lives even for a moment.
This is something i have thought about alot in these past months and time i've spent.
I remeber when i was younger my shyness and lack of confidence used to prevent me from saying many of things i wanted to in the present of love, this lead me to feel as if somehow i was a bad lover or something about me was undesirable.
so i sought to change all that, i began a journey when i was but a teenager to explore and understand these same forces, my journey took me from, Tantra, Kama Sutra, to domanition and submission as well as many other darker forms of these same things. becoming like a sponge i absorbed all the knowledge and understanding of these things not realizing that i myself was changing. years and relationships passed like the sands of time as well as pain and regret, chances i should have taken , things i should have said.
but once again i found myself that same shy and unconfident young boy all over again, stripped down once again. it was in this moment that all the knowledge melted away living only one piece of truth, these same forces are as magical and powerful as a living breathing fire, they can change us our dreams and desires without warning, and change us back, they can lift us to the heavens or send us screaming to the depths of hell
shred rip or tear our hearts only to build them back up again.
some hide away from this, they fear the power of these things and live lives alone and cold, others are afraid of the absensce of these enchantments in their lives, so they throw themselves at the lion's mouth in order for a moment of desire true, lust unrefined.
In my youth i was arrogant to think i could learn everything about these things and as i grew older i realized i needed to surrender to what my own heart spoke of.
that is why i started many of these pages, was only to speak how my heart felt, to be the messenger of things unseen, i am merely a romantic swept away in the erotic tide, swimming amongst the desires hanging upon starlit gleams.
no matter what sex means to you or where your desires take you, some where some time we all find ourselves face to face with our own hearts, and desires, and in this moment we can choose to surrender to ourselves or resist and deny these truths, for what is an erotic journey but only the movement of our feet along the soft trail through the mystic forest of life love and sensuality.
but please do not mind the ramblings of a romantic poet, just read, let your heart feel in a blaze of glory, as your mind guides your steps, and even for a single still moment your spirit feels as if it is truelly alive.

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