Red blooded and Strong  

rm_poet22143 34M
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3/21/2006 3:45 am
Red blooded and Strong

A while ago i found myself losing hope that my goals and hopes for being on this site would not be met, i felt as if me meeting the type of woman i am looking for would not have happened,
but after taking a moment and settling myself, i found that there is always hope in finding what you are seeking, because of that thought i am able to come back to this site red blooded and strong with my desires in mind.
perhaps this is why i write this: whatever your desires are for this website and service, you should always keep trying it may take alot and be discouraging sometimes but sooner or later you find what your looking for, just be honest with not only everyone else but with yourself, take a moment out of a busy life and redefine what your desires are, take a moment for yourself to think to clear your head and to look at the current standings around you, when you do this you will notice that you come to a better understanding of yourself and your desires, when you reach that better understanding you can accomplish much more than originally planned.
now that i've taken a moment to do the same, i realize that the main thing i am looking for on this site is to explore the different facets of sexual pleasure, to understand my own sexual interests, to make friends, meet people like minded, and to enjoy a woman's company in the bedroom, to have the chance to give pleasure to others, to fantasize and desire much more than just a meaningless sexual conquest, but instead letting desire and passion consume both our minds, as we enjoy each others bodies and lust.
i hope to meet a woman with whom i can please over and over, to bury my head between her thighs in a wild lust crazed manner, to make her body heat up and her mind to be consumed with sensual thoughts and images, while i simply pleasure her with my tongue, fingers, body, mind, burning arousal,
such a thing is what brings a smile to my face each day

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