Lover of women/ desires strong enough to control the body  

rm_poet22143 34M
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3/1/2006 8:19 pm

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4/3/2006 4:21 pm

Lover of women/ desires strong enough to control the body

I'm a lover of all women, i can find something attractive on most women i meet, whether personality or some physical feature, big or small breasts, big or small bottoms, to me as long as their personality and body both add to their attraction then i find myself aroused and can easily please them, i tend to have a fondness of bbw's simply because the curves of their bodies are as sweet to me as a rare wine, not to mention considering sometimes i enjoy getting rough and rugged it is wonderful to have some extra padding. however when most people seem me, they see just a simple average man, not too tall, not too short, thin skinny shy, what they don't realize is that my desires inside are so strong vivid and burning hot that they can control my body into enduring more than what they would expect. many times when i've been with a woman they tell me that when they first see me they didn't think i was as passionate or as open minded/ kinky/ or just dominant as i can be/ to be it all depends on the mood and the level of arousal, if a woman hits all my spots (which shall remain nameless), they unleash the beast in me and when it does a lustful glaze rests over my eyes and my will and focus is only about lust and raw carnal pleasures. this perhaps is a lesson that looks are sometimes deceiving and desires sometimes are so strong that they can be capable of much more than arousal, they can inspire the mind body and heart to things that would not be normal in certain cases,
mix that with my lover of women fondness, and well i find myself to be a true pleasure ready to fulfill most desires and fantasies and most time suprise a woman with how lustful i can truelly be

Buffy1239 67F

3/1/2006 9:59 pm

ahhhh this was a good a very sensual and wonderful blog to read, such a shame you are so far away and so young

rm_poet22143 34M
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3/2/2006 12:57 am

Ty kat, and buffy, for the comments, i am doing well Kat, currently working alot and trying to organize my goals and desires in the professional world, so as soon as i get home, i try to relax and wind down, hence why i've been writing here as often, it is a way of introspection and allowing me to see my strengths and weaknesses, also share the knowledge i've learned.
Buffy, i am sorry to hear i am too far away and too young, i tend to feel this to, sometimes i wish my body would catch up with my mind, other times i wish it didn't simply because of a young person's desire and enthusiasm can be quite a powerful thing, especially with me
i look forward to posting more things here, and love for your comments.
keep in touch

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