Lover With Devil Wings  

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4/4/2006 8:56 pm
Lover With Devil Wings

Lover with Devil’s Wings
Fallen Angel’s Embrace pt 3
By John K Sills

Upon this hollow dark night
The subtle winds carry bittersweet things
Once he comes into sight
She sees Damien, this Angel with devil wings

Master of Lust and Desire
He is the Forsaken Lover
Carrying with him the Insatiable fire
Burning like no other

Adorned in Raven hair and cobalt wings
Dressed in rough cured leather
Dark lust is the song he sings
As he stirs this stormy weather

With soft crimson eyes
She can feel him reach deep within
Arousal slowly gathers between her thighs
And her mind consumed by sin

She stands nude for this Dark master
As her hands slowly touch her supple breasts
This fallen flies even faster
Without a moment to rest

Softly landing in her moonlit room
She’s still locked within his seductive stare
Her sacred flower begins to bloom
Caught in the wake of his glare

His hand moves with age old grace
He touches her skin as he touches her soul
Suddenly he takes her to a whole new place
Colored Crimson and Gold

A Canopy bed, shimmering in gold
The scent of burning cedar drifts to her nose
A roaring fire beats back the cold
As she feels his warmth so close

Binding her hands with leather
His touch setting her desires ablaze
Here down in the nether
This demon has her lust so crazed

Damien’s fangs press firmly against her neck
pushing her down to the bed
Leather and taunt muscles crushing against her breasts
As he wraps the blindfold around her head

Tying her hands to the posts of Brimstone
Night blankets her soft eyes
She feels his touch down to her bones
And She feels his breath between her thighs

Slowly Damien penetrates apex of desire
His fingers massaging her sacred place
Inside this darkened lover rages the lustful fire
Wrapping her in its strong embrace

Sucking firmly on her soft , tender neck
As she moans louder than ever before
One hand between her breasts one between her thighs
His desires burning down to her core

Damien’s fingers bury deep into her secret altar
His mouth moves down towards her swelling clit
Her lust takes control of her
Hoping he won’t quit

As she lays bound to the bed
He sucks deeply on her inner thigh
Her cheeks turn a deep crimson red
When he stares into her blinded eyes

The scent of Damien’s arousal overwhelms her body
Damien’s fingers penetrate to her core
Bringing her closer to ecstasy
As he throws his clothes to the floor

His fingers seek out her sacred place
His tongue working its magic on the bud of her flower
Damien’s lips take her clit into a deep embrace
Stroking her apex with such lustful power

Her body succumbs to this fallen angel’s will
As she feels it growing deep inside
Damien plays her body like a harp to a master’s skill
As she offers herself to Damien’s lustful tide

Suddenly stars reel overhead
Her body unleashes the nectar of her sin
Her screams pierce through the gold and crimson red
With her orgasm rippling still within

Still in the wake of her Confession
She admits to every desire
Damien grants to her the passion
Offering to her the stem of his fire

Wickedly brushing her soft lips
Teasing her body and soul
Giving to her only the tip
As she gives him complete control

Eagerly craving to take more
Damien groans as he thrusts his hips
Hungry for every inch of his core
She uses her tongue to trace his slit

He runs his fingers through her hair
Muscles growing, swelling tight
This passionate girl pleasing with tender care
Deep amidst the firelight

She can smell the sandalwood all over his skin
When she licks up his entire length
Damien already close to purging his sin
Their lust growing deeper with greater strength

This Devil screams for all the underworld
giving his new pet what she desires
So aroused by this bonded submissive girl
The fire from his wings flashes even higher

Lifting her legs high into the air
Teasing her core with his own
Slowly getting her prepared
For his lustful burning flesh hard as stone

Guiding himself deeper with lust
This eager girl begins to moan in tongues
Burying himself with one long thrust
This new harp tuned and strung

Deep and hard does Damien deliver
Filling her so deep with perfection
Her thighs already begin to quiver
A slave to his Dark affection

She can feel every inch of this Demon lover
Her apex gripping onto him so tightly
Through the embrace of his cobalt wings does she discover
The sensation setting her soul free

Damien this Lover with Devil wings
Plunging deep into her core
Immersed himself deep into bittersweet things
As her secret altar beckons him even more

Harder, Faster, Deeper into the night
The Sandalwood scent growing ever stronger
Locked ever so tight
In the Dark romance song

Damien can feel her rapture coming soon
thrusting with a devil’s might
His lady harp playing his favorite tune
And so he grants her the gift of her sight

Taking off the blindfold in one quick motion
Lady Harp stares into his eyes
Silently pledging her lustful devotion
With Damien deep between her thighs

She feels it stronger than before
Her Ultimate orgasm
Gripping as tight as she can around his core
As her every muscle begins to tremble and spasms

Damien leans down and takes her heaving breast
Between his moist lips
Sucking as deep as he once did her neck
Pounding with all the lust between his hips

Every muscle releases her sexual energy
Lady Harp screaming for all the world to hear
Bucking and trembling uncontrollably
And now her soul feels so free and clear

Her screams captivates her Masters lust
Hidden deep under his poise
Driving one final deep thrust
Confessing every sin within his loins

They collapse after all is said and done
A black rose hangs over this devil and his pet
And the Fallen Angel’s Embrace lives on strong
But there is even more to this story, more to come yet..................

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