Lazy Sunday Afternoon  

rm_poet22143 34M
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6/21/2006 6:14 pm
Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Imagine if you will, the things i describe. Picture them in your mind and allow all of your senses to take part in this daydream.

You've worked all week long with no rest no stopping, only work and sleep and many of the other mundane tasks we all undertake from time to time. Friday evening you come home nothing more than an outer Shell drained of all essence,your body is sore and mind weary from all that has transpired. Friday night you sleep deep and long, only to take it easy on Saturday and recharge yourself for the next week ahead, you take a moment to smell the roses, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy time with your lover and with yourself.
Saturday your off with friends enjoying conversation and cutting loose for your one night on the town, you unwind, leaving shyness to the wind, and enjoying getting wild as you dare, you come home and you and your lover enjoy a night of intense passion, lust, sex, desire, swelling up from the depths of your self, flesh to flesh, tongue to tongue, eyes locked within the lover's stare of longing.
his every move, every thrust of his tongue, his fingers, or his sex drives you even wilder than ever before, your body comes alive to his touch, and his does the same to yours, you both explode, cum and orgasm intensely, only to fall asleep in each other's arms.
Sunday morning comes, but something is a bit different, you can feel someone's tongue licking at your womanhood before you even open your eyes, only to look down and see your lover with soft eyes as his tongue dips into your parted lips it feels so good so warm, so soft, and all of a sudden the desire swells again, the warm sun against your body, the crisp smell of jasmine in the air, his tongue thrusting, licking, twisting ever deep inside of you, as his thumb gently strokes your clit, massaging its swollen flesh slowly but firmly applying just enough pressure to drive you wild, soon your body gets flushed, breathing shallows, your mind becomes so chaotic thats all thats left is the wonderful feel of the orgasm waiting to be unleashed within, your moans pierce the morning air, and you start bucking rocking against your lover's skillful tongue, only to cum deep and hard all over it quickly thereafter.
after wards you two simply enjoy a Lazy Sunday Morning swimming in a sea of bedsheets, pillows and each others soft caresses, making love, fucking, sucking licking, until you both can't take anymore and your whole body feels relaxed and loose.
the morning rays feel warm against your skin, and your lover leans over whispering in your ear " So what do you want for breakfast sweetie"

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