Jan 18th 2006 (Fallen angel's embrace pt 1)  

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Jan 18th 2006 (Fallen angel's embrace pt 1)

Fallen Angel’s Embrace pt 1
By: John Kenneth Sills

Upon this lonely night/
She stands gracefully at her window/
Her lust burning so bright/
Her fantasies all aglow/

Craving human affection/
The warmth of another/
She wishes for a man of passion/
Her very own Dream lover/

Flying on burning wings/
Comes Gabriel the fallen angel/
His mind filled with sensual things/
His skin soft and pale/

Flying to this starlight girl/
As she stands in satin and lace/
Gabriel flies faster above the world/
Bringing with him the Fallen Embrace/

He softly lands on the balcony/
Dressed in sapphire blue/
Whispering so softly/
Sweet words that strike her lust true/

Staring into his eyes/
She can feel her desires bloom with grace/
A sensation swells between her thighs/
The moment Gabriel caresses her face/

Their lips press together/
Gabriel takes her into the Fallen Embrace/
Time seems to last forever/
Here in this candlelit place/

Silk sheets adorn a canopy bed/
The scent of Jasmine lingers in the air/
Candles burn a soft orange and red/
As they kiss with tender care/

Slowly Gabriel begins to undress/
Letting his wings unfurl/
She softly runs her hands down his chest/
Deep in lust is this starlit girl/

His long hair of golden dew/
Trickles across her skin/
He softly admires her form in the nude/
Longing for her pleasures and sins/

He lays her down softly/
His lips kissing her luscious neck/
She feels a cool gentle breeze/
As he kisses down to her supple breasts/

Taking one gently between his lips/
Gabriel’s tongue darting everywhere/
His tender hands resting at her hips/
As his mouth continues its loving care/

Her moans pierce the cold night/
As she writhe against the sheets/
Everything feeling so right/
As she burns with passion’s heat/

Gabriel kisses further down/
Worshipping every inch/
As large black wings wrap around/
His tongue begins to twitch/

Arching herself to Gabriel’s will/
His head buried between her thighs/
His tongue working deeper with fallen angel’s skill/
As he stares deep into her eyes/

She loses herself in her own lust/
Gabriel’s soft hand massaging her breasts/
His tongue plunges deeper with powerful thrust/
As this starlit girl begins to sweat/

Gabriel’s fingers slowly begin caressing her clit/
As a breeze brushes across her skin/
His tongue just won’t quit/
As she feel it swell within/

She feels her muscles growing tight/
Her emotions out of control/
This Fallen Angel licking just right/
To make her orgasms caress her soul/

She lays him down and kisses his buttery skin/
Her tongue darting across Gabriel’s neck/
She begins to slowly caress his sin/
As this starlit girl licks down his chest/

She takes him between her lips/
Licking his burning lust slowly/
Sucking gently on only the tip/
Her tongue roaming so teasingly/

Starlit girl takes more and more/
Sucking with a crazed desire/
Licking all over Gabriel’s core/
As his wings burn with a sexual fire/

Raking her nails down his chest/
As she takes more in/
Gabriel starts massaging her succulent breasts/
Starlit girl sucks more on an Angel’s Sin/
Using her hands to stroke the base/
Sucking with intense passion/
While he gently caresses her face/
Gabriel’s composure comes undone/

His burning wings flash with his desire/
His orgasm growing inside/
She sucks and licks amidst the lustful fire/
Swept up in the erotic tide/

Gabriel’s explodes all his sins/
Moaning deep into the night/
feeling her heat upon his skin/
Ecstasy feeling so right/

Upon his arousal she begins to ride/
As his wings wrap themselves around her/
Starlit girl can feel him deep inside/
Pulsing ever stronger/

Grinding herself with all her desires/
Moaning deep into the sleeping night/
Gabriel’s apex burning with his lustful fire/
As she grips onto him so tight/

She bucks faster and faster/
Gabriel filling her all the way/
This Starlit girl submits to her fallen master/
Gabriel’s mouth begins to play/

Taking into his mouth her supple breasts/
Teasing her nipples with his tongue/
Her hands rake down his chest/
Breathing pleasure deep into their gasping lungs/

Gabriel’s hands caress her back and neck/
As Starlit girl hold him close to her heart/
His mouth still teasing her succulent breasts/
His tongue swirling like a work of art/

Gabriel’s burning wings wrapped around this Starlit lover/
As she grinds herself upon his growing lust/
Her ecstasy exists for no other/
As he buries deeper with pounding thrust/

She feels it swell deep within/
Every emotion she’s ever known/
Gabriel’s desires washing over like a tide/
As they both scream and moan/

She explodes in Starlit orgasms/
With her nails digging into his skin/
Her body twitches and spasms/
Succumbing to a fallen angel’s sin/

Her Secret altar begging for more/
Gabriel thrusting deeper with his burning sin/
She can feel it deep inside her core/
She can feel his orgasm begin to swell within/

Gabriel’s screams bring rapture to the night/
His orgasms rippling through her body/
They fall asleep at first sunlight/
Their souls feeling so free/

Here begins the epic tale/
Fallen lovers with an angel’s wings/
Their skin so pale/
Their mind consumed with erotic bittersweet things/

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