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1/19/2006 7:05 pm

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Today I found myself contemplating Fantasies.
How our minds create and alter them depending on our situation or desires.
I found myself thinking how fantasies can range from more romantic and intimate to the very darkest of sexual pleasures.
this lead me to begin thinking of my own fantasies and how they have changed over the years.
first they were like most adolescent fantasies, then changing into more exploration of a new found sexual world, i realized that they began changing when my desires began changing after expeirence and experimentation.
Currently i only have one Vivid fantasy that plays itself over and over in my head:

The Setting:
hotel room or house, silk sheets on the bed, candles lit everywhere, plants and flowers are decorating the area causing it to seem more erotic than mundane.a wide variety of sensual music playing at random,light drinks and a sensible dinner prepared as well as dessert.

once dinner is done perhaps some lighthearted conversation, or some dancing to enjoy the moment.

The Seduction:
then i would like to allow myself and the woman a chance to shower and bathe each other or ourselves. lavishing our bodies with exotic scented body wash and hair care/ then i lay her down on the bed with two roses on the pillows. playing relaxing music and i begin to massage her entire body, working every muscle loose and relaxed releiving any tension with my fingertips and warm oil, making sure not to touch her erotic areas but working her legs, face, neck, back, arms, sides, everwhere then slowly i begin massaging her breasts, taking the time to tease them, working the oil into her sensitive nipples. after wards massaging her bottom, making sure no area is missed but stopping my hands before they come in contact with her apex of desire between her thighs, then after all of her body is relaxed and immersed in the pleasure, i slowly begin massaging the oil into the lips of her pussy, stroking it gently with my finger tips and my palm. once she is aroused immensly and her body begins to shiver under my touch proceed to begin massaging the inner walls but not with my fingers/ this time my tongue begins to ever so slowly inch its way into her depths while it twists, wiggles and explores every inch inside of her, afterwards i continue to thrust my tongue deep, in and out gradually speeding my pace, and my fingers with a small drop of oil begins massaging her clit and the hood above it.
but right before she is about to orgasm i stop, allowing her to build up her tension and desires and lust, teasing her body so sensually that she can't take any more and all of her aches for release. once she is lit with passion and desire, with steady movements of my tongue and fingertips i masssage,rub, lick, caress her womanhood until she explodes with every blissful thought she's ever had.

The Sex:
Once this is done, if she desires to return the favor and slowly begin to suck on my core, then i would be honored to oblige her, making sure to compliment her and tell her how good she is doing.
Tell her how beautiful she is and how lost in this moment i am with her.
once she brings me to orgasm and i explode.
Then with our lust glowing and our passions hott, we begin to make love in ever position imaginable, first starting of slowly and easy. but as the pleasure builds i begin slamming myself inside of her deeper harder faster, when she is close to the peak (or have had several orgasms) then we go into the doggie style position allowing for deeper harder penetration and i continually deliver deep long thrusts inside of her, steady like the beat of a drum constantly till she climaxes and keeps cumming over and over, until she can't take anymore, all this time i am whispering sweet sensual things into her ear, allowing my mouth and hands to explore the rest of her body while i thrust into her depths/
once our lust is appeased and our bodies our completly spent, laying down and holding each other close in a strong warm embrace while we quietly talk to each other about the night, where our desires started and where they ended, and then falling asleep only to have me wake her in the morning with my head buried between her thighs again/


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Sounds like you could use a little romance

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