A difficult time  

rm_poet22143 34M
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3/16/2006 7:31 am
A difficult time

My time here on Xmatch has been a difficult one. mainly because of my romantic nature and sensuality i find i require both mental stimulation as well as physical. apparently this is yet another pleasure long since forgotten, oh i am indeed sure that there are women out there that enjoy this as much as i do, but when you keep sending emails hoping for a new friend perhaps some pleasure its difficult to hope for something you cannot see.
sometimes i wonder if i were to become a lustful person only interested in the flesh and had the ability to fuck a woman's brains out with no regard towards emotions that i would be better off, other times i long to be in love and cuddle doing all the sweet romantic things that come with tender love/ should i forsake my romantic side for the pursuit of pleasure, or deny my lust for the romance i require, this is precisly why my time here has been difficult i've decided to blend both aspects and save both sides from fading away, to be lustful yet romantic, sensual yet caring, down right pure sexual but with the softest touch. i've been shocked to see so many men and women on here getting lost in the false pleasure they receive. i once wrote about the Elegant whore, and how i enjoy that sensual yet pure raw sexual prowress, well from what i've seen it seems the call of the flesh is greater than the call of mind and heart.
is it wrong to want the the things that i do? to be able to please a woman however she desires and have her do the same for me. to immerse ourselves deep into passion pleasure and erotic bliss till our bodies glisten in its dew, our voices ring out into the night while our minds stimulated to heights we could not acheive on our own.
i love pleasing a woman, i love going down on them until they explode and orgasm onto my waiting tongue, i enjoy teasing a woman massaging them, licking them everywhere, various positions of sexual wonder, i even enjoy a bit of light S & m on occasion and am open to new fantasies and desires.
i've come to realize that by me enjoying those things and feeling the way that i do, has made me undesirable by many women, it is the price for knowledge of the heat, you sacrifice lovers for the pursuit of pleasure, i know that many women will not be attractive or interested in me because of this, because they say i am not Masculine enough, or not hard enough to be their lover, i constantly laugh at this notion because they apparently do not even know themselves, others reject me because of my age, either they are looking for someone older or around their age range, well considering that my mental mind seems to be quite more mature than my body or age, i see once again why my desires limit me to what type of women i will be attracted to and will be attracted to me.
its on days like this i lose hope and wonder whether i should give in to being a normal horny guy only looking for a quick fix to pleasure, or if i should deny my desire simply to meet someone i can talk to and be with
what i do know is that, either way, my lust will still be as strong, my love will be as tender, and always i will treat Ladies with respect and honor them by doing excactly that, if this cuts my responses in half here on Xmatch so be it,
i will not forsake myself for those who can't even see past the false pleasure to enjoy the simple ones long since forgotten.

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