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So I told my honey that I want some excitement in our relationship. To surprise me with something. We have tried toys, swing, strange places, sky miles, road side, blow driving, public sex, etc... he said baby I'm running out of ideal. So Friday he had a doz. of rose deliver to me @ work. When I got in the car it was a envelope with $75 and a note, go get a manicure and pedicure. So I did. When I got home, candle were lit, soft music was playing, rose petal were every where, chocolate thur out the house, wine in the bathroom, with candle & a Victoria's Secret bag with body lotion & body splash. After getting out of the tub I walk into the bedroom and see a very large box on the bed with a note on it. "So I read the note" Upon the arriver of the limo, he will bring you to me, and it will be a surprise await you. Now open the box and don't be scared. I pick all of this out for you. You must only ware the thing I pick out & You must ware the blindfold all the way here,(are take the sleeping pill) but I will wake you UP when you get to me. Because we will have lots of fun tonight, "LOVE YOU BABY!!!" It was a pink dress necklace & earring, jeweled thong sandals & pink bar (no pantie). So as I was getting dress, a knock on the door. I ask who is it? It was my neighbor she ask what was I doing tonight she thought we could do something because her man was out of town. Well she saw this look on my face, and ask what was I up to, and so she look around the house and said look like you all are up to something already. Well tell me girl? I don't have time!! I'll tell you later. So as she was leaving the limo pull up. She said girl a white limo just pull up with red carpet roll out, let me go get in this limo this must be for me. So my phone rung, I said hello! this man said hello is this "Pnk Chakalite"? "I said yes" Are you ready? "I said give me a minute" "He said I'll BE WAIT FOR YOU!!! I was so FUCKING NERVOUS I could have piss on my self. Then my friend came back up there and said girl that limo is for you!!! I said I know. Girrrrrl! What you got going on, and where is your man? I don't know. Well, you look hot, hot, hot, let me check you out, turn around, hummmmmmmmmm, niceeeeeeeeee. Well you ready. I told my neighbor, girl I am so nervous. She said FOR WHAT!!! Let me help you out, lay back, so I laid back on the bed, & she spread my leg and look at my nicely shaved pussy and said girl this is nice and took her face and tongue and began to softly lick the click and plunge in and out of the inside and hum mm, then she took two finger and stuck inside me and said relax you got a long night ahead of you then she pull them out and suck each finger and said you taste as good as you look. Then she stood up and pull me to my feet and and said now go clean up and now you ready to go. I will tell the limo driver you will be right down. As she turn around to walk out, the limo driver was standing in the room door all long watch her eat my pussy. And said, we still have time we're 45 min early. Mokatimtashon drop to her knees and zipped his pants down pull his dick out and stroked it a few time and push it into her mouth and went to work like a hungry dog sucking and bucking her head like she never had a big dick in her mouth before. The more she suck the bigger that dick got in her mouth. And cum just ran down my legs from the tongue lashing she just gave me and watch her go to work on Mr. Limo man made me wet than ever. So I reach over and get my vibrator out the drawer and began to masturbate while watching them. Moka said no let me do this she took off her dress, crawl between my legs and lick all the cum running down, while Mr. Limo Fuck her hot pussy with his huge cock. Mr. Limo Man said this is the best pick up I ever had. Let's go lady. So Mr. Limo blindfold me walk me to the car. Moka said bye tell me all about it later girl. I said "I will". So as we drove to the location I'm thinking about what just happen, not knowing where i'm going and what getting ready to happen. Don't know what to think are do. So I fall asleep about 5hr later I wake up. I here my honey voice wake up chakalite your here. So you decide to take the sleeping pill I said no, I guess I just fell asleep on the long drive here. Can I take this blindfold off? NO! he replied. He got in the limo and began to kiss me and said baby you look fabulous, are you hungry? I said kind of. Let's get a bite to eat. So do I have to eat with this blindfold on? Maybe!!! So I notice! Mr. Limo began to drive with no instruction! My honey started kissing and licking all over me, and ask did the limo man try to you? "I just laugh and said no he didn't." He then push one finger between my legs and push it in and out while my pussy made wet sound thur the limo and the limo man said dammm man that shit sound good, my honey said would you like to taste this off my hand? He said WHY SURE!!! My honey reach up there and gave him his hand and he lick his fingers like a hungry dog, and said thank you for the tip sir. My honey said to me see how hot you are every body want you tonight. I just SMILE. So then we went to eat. Where ever we were, I must not have been the only person blindfold, because the host said, another for private room as we walk in I could here people talking and having dinner and one lady said she could not eat her food like this so she must have been blindfold also. And I could here other ladies oooh and ahhh with joy and some laughing and giggling. I though this is going to be interesting. So my honey and I was talking he order for us. As we sat and ate and talk I could fell every once in a while some one come bye and rub all over me touch me very softly as he watch and kept talking as though nothing was happen. I could fell him rubbing my leg under the table sliding his finger in and out all night sucking them so I could hear him, and tell me how he could not wait to get me back to the condo tonight. He told me that my nipple were so hard that they look like two piece of candy, could he suck one in his mouth right now in the restaurant. I said I don't know, every body looking he said no 1/2 of everybody is blindfold like you. Well if you want to, I fell a strange hand pull my brest out and began to suck on my erect nipple, fell very good! I ask my honey is that you? he reply very close to my ear yes! And began to suck on the other one. Then I fell some one under the table rubbing my legs and sliding my shoes off and began to suck on my toes licking up and down my thighs pulling my legs apart for full asset to my pussy. All I could say is honey, honey. Then he whisper in my ear and said i'm right here just relax baby, you said surprise you. I began to laugh softly. Then at an instant it all stop every thing my honey said how did that fell? I said I don't know it's all taking me to fast but i'm ok. He ask do you want me to stop? I said hummmm! I don't know, No. I Love You!!! Are You Happy with this? He said, of course I am. BABY I'm not going to let nothing happen to you I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!! Well O.K. So we left the restaurant got back in the limo. And he took us to the condo we went up to our room finally. My honey said let me take a picture of you in this beautiful dress, so he took several shot and told me to turn around and undress so I did. He turn the T.V. on to the Playboy channel then I hear a knock @ the door. As I fell for the bed and sat as my honey answer the door I hear people walk in and no one is saying anything. I just sat their and wait to see what is next for me. I fell this very big strong man pick me up and turn me over and kiss me on the ass and say nice and start rubbing me all over, up and down and all in between with his ruff but nice felling hand softly striking my pussy that is all ready wet from every thing that has went on early. Then he notice that my pussy is wet he said oh you are already ready, so he take his face and put it between my leg and suck very quick and hard and get up and leave me on my hand and knees. As I get ready to sit down,he said hell no! you already, ready now you need to get me ready, for that hot little pussy. So open your mouth and take this in? I stuck out my tongue and lick the head to get a fell of the size and length & then I open my mouth wide, so I though to take the dick in my mouth to give him a good head job like my girl did early on the limo man, but this dick was so huge my mouth could not spread wide enough to take it all in. He told me you better take this dick in your petty little mouth bitch, it's no time to be cute. Are I will stick it up your ass right now, your mouth is bigger than your ass hold. So which one you prefer? I went to stretching my mouth and sucking that huge dick in my mouth as much as I could get it in and licking the head seem like it never stop growing. Then a few minute later I felt someone behind me slighting touching my ass, then kissing me, sticking one finger up my dripping wet pussy, then sucking his finger, then rubbing the head of his cock on my ass. He told Mr. Huge COCK in my mouth I don't know if I want to fuck her pussy first or eat it first? I never seen a pussy this wet and ready before. Mr. Huge COCK in my mouth replied she has a good mouth on her to would you like to get a head job first and let me size up that pussy first. I couldn't make a sound all I could do is hope he would get that dick out my mouth and pray that my pussy could take it. So the two men switch up. His cock was just as big. I ask are you all brother? They laugh and said No. I asked where is my honey? The man push his cock right in my mouth and said honey on the dick and get it off bitch. While the other man laid underneath me and ate my pussy and played with it with a bullet. My mouth began to water and my pussy began to get wetter and started to squirt like crazy all over his face and he was happy to see that my pussy was satisfy. Now he said you got to sit that sloppy wet little pussy over this dick and make it cum. So he laid back on the bed and I climb on top and tried to take that huge dick on it wasn't as hard as it though, I rode it backward while sucking on the other guy cock standing in front of me. We buck and fuck until we all was over fill with cum and the whole time I was blindfold and my honey watch. When they where thur my honey came over and gave me a good ass fucking for THE END

elysianpleasure 48M

5/3/2006 5:09 pm

Well that was one hot fantasy... (I am assuming a fantasy)... welcome to the blog... drop by and check out some of my writing and say hi. Elysian

sunshine7176 41M/41F
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5/5/2006 8:22 am

Damn....I would love to experience that..sounds like it was the bomb....

oralextasyforus 52M

5/11/2006 10:32 am

wow, what I would have done to be one of those cocks filling you up. Give me a date and time and I'll be there!!

SirMounts 103M

5/27/2006 9:03 pm

Welcome to blogging, pnkchakalite. *smiling*

rm_lashpussy 52F
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6/3/2006 11:52 pm

Loved it...made me wet..and inspired me to start posting story blogs as well.
Hot bitch.Hmmmm

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