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Ten to fifteen years ago, I used to tell my female friends that I thought women were interested in other women. I had a fairly well developed intellectual argument... that girls grow up being allowed to touch each other, dress/undress with each other, sleep together, go to the bathroom together, etc., etc. I would point out that it was culturally accepted and socially endorsed and that as a result I thought women were not only comfortable touching one other... but, in fact, wanted to. The argument was a good one... and (depending upon how much Gin was involved) a believable one... but I always had an ulterior motive for it... secretly hoping that one of my friends would suddenly admit their attraction... or better yet, of course, ask me to join in. That, however, never happened... more over, after hearing my argument and even agreeing somewhat, none of my female friends ever admitted to having any sexual interest in or attraction to another woman.

Fast forward to today... and, are there any women who aren’t now claiming to be bi-sexual or at least bi-curious? Ok... it’s an exaggeration but one that’s not all that far off. However, (in my non-scientific research) when you question them about their “bi-whatever”... most women spontaneously describe some variation of the standard threesome fantasy of a man and two women... rarely do they initially talk about a strictly one on one with another woman.

So what’s the deal? Have I finally lived long enough that some of my bull shit has actually come true? Or... has the time honored male fantasy now become the universal fantasy... shared by both men and women?

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