turn women loose continued- bring out the incredibly beautiful sexual beast in them  

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8/19/2005 3:13 am

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turn women loose continued- bring out the incredibly beautiful sexual beast in them

I posted part 1 a few days ago and there were a couple of comments that are really questions that I'd like to expand on.

There is a double standard that has stood for far too long and continues today. A guy who has many sexual experiences is considered a ladies man. A woman on the other hand is considered a tramp/slut/whore if she wants to experience the same as a man.

I definetly believe that women are more sexually powerful than men. Most women are made to feel that there's something wrong with them if their appetite is stronger than there's male partners is.

I have enjoyed watching women turn from being shy and quiet into incredible wild animals. I encourage partners not hold anything back. a true women loves to cum....hungers to cum.

This is what's a man's role should be, draw out the beast that resides in many women. I think a lot of guys would be shocked to see the sexual beast inside a women rise to the surface.

Like many of my fellow men we do have a limit physically as to how many times we can do it in a night. I know from experience some women think about sex all the time....some more than they will admit. Instead of making them feel bad about this we should respect it.

I believe many men are intimidated by an aggressive woman. To me an aggressive woman is like a wild bronco or bull that cowboys try to ride in a rodeo. Its a challenge that I am more than up for.

Here's the ulimate as far as I concerned, its to take the woman who in real life men groan is one tough bitch. The one they fear.....stand up to her and drive her crazy.....drive her hunger. Drive her to the point that she needs to masturbate. So few have ever been intentionally driven to this point...deep down they hunger a man who can take control of their insatiable hunger and actually increase it.

Thats what a man's role should be.

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8/19/2005 5:23 pm


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