a short story.....  

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2/28/2006 5:18 pm

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a short story.....

walked thru that door..and found myself seated at the Bar...Drink in one hand Butt in the other hand.

Sitting there pondering what the night could bring....Throughts so filled with lust...Pussy wet with desire. So losed in throught..then when he sat beside me I did not notice....

I feel his hand on my knee..I look over to find myself looking into the darkest eye Ive ever seen...So deep and dark...My skin insteadly breaks into goosepimps....In A flash I see him,in my mind,on his knee for me...

i gulp my last sip of that drink and grab him hand and lead him out of that darken smoke filled bar....Once outside Im being pulled to that dark corner...My pussy is on fire..my desire is all comsuming...I grab his head and kiss him deeply..his kiss is hard and hurting my lips but still I kiss him harder...I feel his hands sliding up my thign to my ass....he push's aside my thong and runs his fingers deep into my wet pussy....I gasp so deep and hard from the desire that is upon me...

i feel his fingers slip from my pussy..then i smell my sex ...his fingers are close to my face..He whisper in my ear for me to look at him...I open my eyes to find him watching me intensly...he brings his fingers to my lips and says TASTE..I slowly suck him fingers into my mouth....I hear his moans..feel his cock raise stiffly to attention...My pussy flows faster now..hotter than before....Grinding my pelvis into his cock....

Looking into his eyes I unbuckle his buckle...slow unbutton those % buttonfly's..and reach his hard cock..see his eye get wide at my touch sends hot slivers course through my veins...His cock is hot to the touch and so very hard..I must have him deep inside me now...I tell him..I need you now Baby...

This beautiful man slide my mini skirt to my hips and plunges his cock deep into my waiting pussy...My pussy engulfs his shaft deeply..my moans are loud and deep..his kiss my moans so we dont get caught yet...Still his fucks me till I ache..My desires are all comsuming with so must heat...I burn...I explode..cumm cumm,spasm's after spasm's rack my body..Then I feel him tighten his cock grew even harder....Then I feel his jism rush deep into my pussy..again I explode with raw need ....

He hold us to that cold wall till our breathes become steady and heart become normal again...I rise my face to his and find those black piercing eyes upon my face...slow he kiss's me...lower my leg back to the ground ,slide my skirt back on my thigns...Then he takes my hand and then we walk back into that smoked filled bar..he pull my stoll out sit's me down..Pull hisself into the bar stool beside me and Looks at the bartenders and Say's "Give the little lady A drink Please"...He turns to me and Say 's Evening madam Mighty Fine Night we have here wouldn't ya Say!!!!


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2/28/2006 7:12 pm

That is one hot story, thank you

rm_joecamel2006 37M
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2/28/2006 8:22 pm

it was hot. want to reenact it.

tangointhenite 54M

3/9/2006 4:47 am

Of all the bars in all the towns in all the world, you had to walk into mine. Here's looking at you kid!!!

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