help for the hurting heart !  

rm_pkay28 40F
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7/24/2006 5:17 am

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8/3/2006 3:36 am

help for the hurting heart !

i feel like crying
but the tears won't come
what's the use of trying when i know that u
re gone
you came and went and all that's left
are broken pieces of my heart....

memories of laugther
echo through my empty room
suddenly they shatter to reveal an open wound
just broken pieces of a discarded heart
broken pieces cut deep and leave their
broken pieces lying on the floor
broken pieces that cannot be mended

that's the price of living
when u love someone so hard
that u can't stop giving
guess i was'nt very smart
you threw my heart against the wall
and watched it breaking from the fall...

guess it does'nt matter
it was just a heart to you
an empty present that someone gave to you
a nameless owner
what am i supposed to do with broken
oh! what a heartbreak !!!
but i found help in
AdultFriendFinder where u meet
people who re ur friend !

Sailor376 64M
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7/24/2006 7:05 am

I like it. A worthy beginning. I am not at all sure about your thoughts of AdultFriendFinder though. Be careful. Leap? Yes. But know when.


rm_harembanger 54M
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7/24/2006 11:02 am

Hi pkay, nice piece! You said it exactly the way what I went thru years ago. Well, being a man, strong minded and easy going, it does hurt a lot...I admit it. Know what I told myself? Adam and Eve lives till they are 500 yrs old. Jesus less than around 100 years. Prophet Mohammad just around 45 years.

I should be lucky if I can live till I'm 60 years old. There's so many thing I want to see and experience. So many places I wanted to visit. So many girls out there who could be my soul partner. So many ting to enjoy. WHY THE HELL SHOULD I DEPRIVE MYSELF OF THE JOY WHICH IS UNFORSEEN BECOZ OF THIS CHIC? Why should I waste my time cying over this shattered heart. No way am I going to stop and mourn over this temporary hiccups in life.

Put it this way. If you want to know how to ride a bike, be ready to experience the fall and bruises. That's just part of the learning process. It does hurt but at the end of it you gain the joy of riding and go wherever your heart desires.

About love......hmmmmmm. Sometimes you are lucky sometimes you're not. Chill out gurl, there's no guarntee in LOVE matters. Marriage doesn't even guarantee that you will be happy forever. Take me for example! I fell head over heel with this chic. We got married but divorced two years later after having two kids. Well "for the sake of the kids" we remarried. Why maybe I wan insanely inlove with her. We got another kid. That makes it three. Four years later we got divorced again. Her reason is she wants her freedom and she wanted to pursue her career.

Here I am stuck with 3 kids. Managed to bring them up for 12 years single handedly. What do I gain from that? Knowledge baby...valuable knowledge.

My advice for you my dear, if you love somebody just give him a portion of your heart. 10% of your love to him if he is just your boyfriend. 50% for yourself and the balance 40% to be divided equally for your parents.

If he's your husband, give him 20% of your love, 40% for yourself and another 40% to your parents.

If you had a child with this person, give him 20% of your love, 30% for yourself, 20% for your parent and balance 30% for your child.

Why musn't you give your heart 100% to your so-called beloved man? Man are careless, reckless, playful, disasterous and ...."adding salt to the wound" flirtatious.

I'm a man why am I telling you this? Becoz I don't like to see / know / hear people being hurt because of their blindness when inlove. Becoz, this is the recipe for not getting hurt. Remember the song "I WILL SURVIVE"? Listen to it carefully and kick the hurt out of your head gurl!

Adioz for now..... life is too short for mourning! Buckle up and enjoy it to the fullest!

cumming570 43M

7/28/2006 2:09 pm

pkay dear the world's not always a beautiful place,you've got to roll with life's punches,that's the only way to find peace

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