Spring is here.....  

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2/21/2006 8:25 pm

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Spring is here.....

It was a warm summer day, and we had decided to go camping for the weekend. When we got to the campground, we pitched the tent and decide to take a swim in the lake before supper.

I watched Kristen swimming. I had not seen much of her lately, and was very
glad that we could spend some time together. Getting our schedules to match up is nearly impossible these days.

As I looked at her in her bikini, the water glistening on her smooth, tanned body, I started to feel that familiar stirring in my trunks. She was a stunning woman, and I drifted off, remembering the last time I’d seen her naked.

As my mind wandered, I began to get a visible erection. Kristen swam up behind me, and grabbed me around the neck. As I swung around, we bumped up against each other. She could feel my hard cock up against her leg, and whispered in my ear, "God it is so hard!" I wanted her to touch it, but could not think of a way to play with her when there were so many other campers at the beach.

"Kristen, I’ll be wicked embarrassed if I have to get out of the water like this" I said.
"Will you stroke me until I cum and it goes down?” I continued, “ we can walk out to deeper water”. Kristen looked around us and then looked at me like I
was crazy, but after I asked her again, she reached out a grabbed my cock.

I pulled down my suit and she really went to town rubbing my dick. She held my balls with one hand, and pulled on my cock with the other. The sensations caused by her hands on my hot dick and the cool water was working on me quickly.

"Your balls are so hard", Kristen said, “Are you getting close?”

I could barely utter, “uuunnnngggghhhhh”, as she stroked me faster. My orgasm hitting me hard.

We giggled and ran toward the beach as globs of my cum floated obscenely around the lake. “I owe you one” I offered.

“That is one debt I plan on collecting……soon”, she smiled.

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