Race relations  

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Race relations

I'm in a writing mood for some odd reason. Be thankful (or frightened, depending on your point of view).

This is a semi-continuation of Provocative thoughts. I came up with some more thoughts.

Ok, so here's a thought Harry. Did you ever think the entire reason we have a problem in this country (and around the world) with "race" (I really hate that word, including gay, and God, but you can't get away from them no matter what) is because it is made such a huge deal of? Think about it, talking head like you, constantly coming out and talking about the latest oppressed black people (whether they are or not) like they are the latest poor unfortunate soul to be run over by the evil white man.

New Orleans. Remember the media coverage when Katrina hit, and they showed us pictures, video, and gave us stories about how it was the black community that was left in the dark about the impending danger, that they wouldn't be able to get away from the path because of their economic disability (Which I'm pretty sure it wasn't just blacks that are poor. I know plenty of people from every skin color that qualify), and that the cops weren't going to do a thing to stop the troublemakers. You had Jackson, Sharpton, Mfume, and every other talking head saying how they only cared about the white people, and the black people were the ones who got fucked.

Yet, after all was said and done, did anyone read the study that came out a month or so about all these accusations? Guess what it said: 100% bullshit. I'll adress a point or two myself, just to illustrate.

#1. The cops. The fact that so many left their posts is the biggest reason why things got out of control. When your staff is reduced by, what was it, 30%, in any job that will fuck everyone, will cause resources to be spread so thin that very little can be done, and will bring chaos and disorder. So, when the cops started doing sweep and clears, where did they start, the wealthy areas, right? Besides the obivous class difference argument, what do you think would've been the reason to start there? Can anyone, with an intelligent, logical mind, come up with the conclusion? Because it's the best place to start. Why? Because when you need to start securing areas, the easiest areas need to be secured first, with a small group to keep each area secure. If you start in the worst areas first, you expose the outer areas to the problem by driving those criminals out of those high problem areas and into the low problem areas. What is the smarter strategy? Start simple, work your way to the largest complication, and chop off the head, or start big, maybe be overwhelmed (as what many thought would happen) by the troublemakers, and complete the cycle of chaos, to the point where you need an exceptionally large military garrison to bring order (and probably cause a large number of deaths - looting is still viewed as a death penalty punishment, I believe. Anyone in the military wish to clarify that one for us please?)

I think the choice is pretty obvious, don't you?

#2. I touched on the economic thing. The thing that kills me, is these talking heads who concentrate on blacks as the only ones who can't help themselves, or who are poor. Last time I checked, everyone could've left that place several days before it hit. I remember seeing reports almost a week before it hit. So, if you're telling me that these people couldn't have gathered up their important stuff, scrounged together money for a Greyhound ticket, and gotten out, I'll say you're full of it, and that you need a rectal lobotomy.

Ain't honesty and logic a bitch?

#3. Nobody was told. I just hit that across the head with a redwood tree I just cut down (you poor tree huggers, now you won't have a tree to climb, to live in, plus scar and destroy in the process - lol.). I saw warnings up to a week in advance. So that's a complete load of b.s.

Why were the stories done then? To give the talking heads something to make themselves feel viable and important. To get higher ratings, because death, destruction, and divisiveness are all big rating getters. And to give everyone in the world a view of the USA at it's weakest since 9/11 (yes, I do believe that many people within would like to see this country fall apart. Just go read thoughts and ideas expressed by Michael Moore, far left liberals during the last two Presidential elections ("I'll move to Canada, New Zealand, etc."), and read between the lines (you don't have to many times, they put it right there in front of you) when you watch current news, movies, or listen to music.).

I'll have more later. I need food. I'm starved. Later.

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