Points to hit upon.  

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9/4/2006 1:41 am
Points to hit upon.

Thought I'd take a moment to hit on a few things.

John Mark Karr - A pure example of how broken our judicial system is (yes, O.J. is still the perfect example). By all accounts, even before the extradition, all the evidence stated he had absolutely nothing to do with Jon-Benet's death. He was just someone who was seeking notoriety. Yet, the brought his ass back to America, probably costing the taxpayers at least a 100k. So, what do they do, after bringing him back; throw up some child porn charges, in an effort to justify the cost and effort of bringing him back. Whoever had the lack of intelligence to bring him back should be fired, then sued for the cost of this stupidity.

Gender equality - I am so sick of hearing how women and men aren't equal in this world. Here's a thought: bullshit! For the whole of human history, the two genders have had their specific roles. Women have had a behind the scenes role for most of that history, which was just as crucial in the survival and development of humanity as the men's role as protector and breadwinner/hunter. Women stepped up to support the men, as the men did for the women (contrary to the revisionist history going on). With those points, they had power, but it was, as I said, a behind the scenes type of power.

But in the last hundred years, the roles have been changing. Women have been pushing for more upfront power - land holdings, working rights, equal pay and so on. All rights that should be for everyone.

In that same vein, the man's role has changed, without much redefining for the man on what his role actually was going to be. Is he to stand along side in a similar role to what he's used to, is he to take the behind the scenes approach as the woman has been, or is there another role that he is supposed to take up? Just like sex, they never tell us. They just expect us to figure it out on our own. Some have, some haven't.

To cut it short (because my mind is running on empty right now), both sides have always been equal, even though it never seemed as such, because one side was not as visible as the other.

The one point I do wish to make, just to kinda hit this one out of the park: men account for 93% of the occupational fatalities in this country. We put ourselves in harm's way every day so you, the woman, can enjoy a comfortable life. So if you want total equality in the workplace, how about picking up the 43%, and making it a 50-50 deal.

You may not like that statement, but you can't refute it.

Katrina - To all the people displaced by Katrina, and still displaced, you only have one person to blame: yourself. The warnings were on the TV constantly, and you were told to get out of town. Yet, you thought, "Oh, it'll blow over. Nothing's going to happen." Well, something did happen, didn't it? Your city got flooded, you turned into looters and pillagers, criminals and assholes. Then turned around and blamed everyone but yourselves for the crisis you were, and many are still dealing with. And, with FEMA's funding for Katrina relief expired for many individuals, many are complaining about having to find new homes and places to live. Apparently, these people are so dependent on the system giving them everything, including all the answers, that the thought of doing something (like finding a job, a place to live, or food to put on the table) on your own is incomprehensible. Personal responsibility keeps getting thrown out a window these days, even when it's such a necessary and simple thing.

Midgets - they're so cute and playful; like a puppy. You want to enjoy them, let them nibble at your knees, give you some head (at least they don't need kneepads), and play swizzle stick with them (it's where you stick a large popsicle stick up their butt and twirl them till they get dizzy), but they keep kicking you in the shins. Hurts like hell too.

So remember folks: your's is not to question, but to be interrogative.

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