Pamela, this letter's for you  

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2/15/2006 10:20 am

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Pamela, this letter's for you

Hey, Ms. Anderson.

I recently caught your public statement of your boycotting the Kentucky Derby, due to their enslaving horses to perform for our entertainment. I must say, I think your declaration is hilarious at best, hypocritical at worst.

I don't think the people of Kentucky really care number 1. C'mon Pam, you are a celebrity, a talking head. What positive contributions have you made to society that makes you a better human being than the rest of us? What, Barb Wire? Your Playboy spreads (before & after the various tit jobs)? V.I.P.?

You are a celebrity, basically because of your tits, that's it. You haven't done anything positive that has actually improved society, unless you consider trying to get all of us to use hybrid cars, stop smoking, and become vegetarians. And that's not improvement, it's just you trying to tell us we either need to be like you, or we need to be re-educated (see brainwashed). You're no different than an Islamic terrorist: you both want us to cowtow to you, regardless if your way is better or not. You are going to do anything in your power to convince us. And since many of your PETA followers love to vandalize, destroy private property through whatever means necessary, and basically engage in unlawful acts that most terrorists support wholeheartedly.

And it's been well documented about PETA activists breaking into corporate, or private property, destroying valuable research. So you can't sit there and argue the point your people are doing something positive.

And, btw, if I was wearing a fur coat, and one of your bastard supporters spray paints it, that individual has a few options: either pay for the coat's replacement (which won't happen), have a cop arrest the individual (which should happen, but probably won't), or take an ass kicking (which absolutely should happen, but I don't need the lawsuit) to pay for that coat. I figure a broken arm, or leg should be enough to teach you not to do that again. And I would enjoy doing it, with so much pleasure I'd probably cum.

So, basically Pam, leave us alone. We don't need your advice, we don't need your politics, and we sure as hell don't need your way of life.

So go eat your bean sprouts, preach to the world how we're all evil carnivores, and continue to believe that we care about your opinion. Meanwhile, I'm going to eat a cheeseburger. (Imagine the cow being milked, and its brother being skinned. Bet that sends shivers down your spine, doesn't it Pam?)


P.S. One point I need to make, or else I'll have to do it in another post.

Pam, do you realize that you are committing murder too? Those plants you are eating used to be alive.

Plants have a circulatory system, just like us. They have the ability to take food, and produce energy to feed itself, just like us. They bend towards light sources, which means they can adapt to their envirnment on at least a small level, like us. Many call the edible parts of a plant meat, like we would a cow or an elk. The only thing that separates plany life from animal life is, supposedly, intelligence.

But how do we know that plants aren't intelligent? Think about it. We believe certain animals are intelligent (get a cat & dog owner in an argument over which pet is better), and some are not. Do we equate intelligence with an ameba? No, yet it could be, but we have no way of actually measuring that quotient.

The same goes for plants. They could be highly intelligent, either from an individual, or a collective standpoint. They just don't have the ability to express it so we understand. After all, we still don't understand any language other than human (and half the time, we don't even understand them).

Plus, we always hear envirnmentalists saying we shouldn't cut down trees, & rare plants (I love the comment many say about if you cut into a tree, you can hear it scream. How?), yet they have no problem eating some green beans. In fact, I'll bet you a good chuck of envirnmentalists are vegetarians too. So, basically, environmentalists are only interested in saving the plants & animals they care about, and not the rest. Hey, hypocracy. What a concept.

Anything else that needs to be said?

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