Much ado about . . .  

rm_phoundrx7 40M
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4/16/2006 7:16 pm
Much ado about . . .

I love you all (not like that you bunch of wierdos)!

Now, on to the events of the day.

Not a goddamn thing.

Absolutely nothing got done.

I'm sitting here, cell placed in my lap. Writing a new blog entry about nothing at all.

Because I can sit here, type up anything I want, and whether you actually read it or not is irrelevant, for I have wrote it. I sat down, with a keyboard and computer, and typed out the thoughts that I have wandering my mind.

But right now, I don't care to think. Not really necessary. My watch says 7:10, all is well.

Now, there is a wall directly in front of me. And it appears this wall has sprinkles all over it. You know, those kind you find on donuts. I love sprinkles.

So, little Miss Muffett came over yesterday, and had a threeway with Yosemite Sam and I. Yosemite tore that ass up. Bitch was screaming all night long. Guess that's what she gets for not wanting to have sex with a midget.

So, I was walking along with General Washington, surveying the troops, and I noticed how he casually glanced around, motioning to troops, chatting a few up once in a while to lift their spirits. And it struck me how many saddle sores he had on his ass.

So, once in a great while, I talk to Napolean. On a side note, there was this one time I was eating Neopolitan ice cream, and this guy came over, sat down at my table, and began to throw the toppings he had at me, well, I took that ice cream scoop which was in my hand, and used it to pick my nose. Pretty effective too. Once I got done with that, I cut out the guy's tongue, and gave him a Columbian Necktie.

Now, once I got into it with General Patton, because he kicked me in the balls for not talking his dog out on a walk. I didn't appreciate that at all, because those boots he had on really fucking hurt.

So, enjoy people, and have a good one.


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