Just saying hi.  

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1/27/2006 7:37 am

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Just saying hi.


How's that for calling my shot to left field?

Anyway. So, work was boring. Even more so than usual. Got a decent amount of writing done.

Earier in one of my posts, I mentioned Pam Anderson in the same breath as Harry Bellafonte (who I still think is one of the biggest douches (no longer dildo) in the country). I mentioned what it was she had done to irritate me, but I didn't go into details about what I think of her.

So, I have been writing a letter to her, going into my thought process on the matter, and giving my opinion to her stated opinion. After all, if this is America, and she is the respectful & tolerant human being she claims to be, maybe we can open up a dialog between one another to learn a little bit more about our way of thought. It would be interesting.

I've also been working on another project. One of the nice things, is when I get a creative idea, I can run with it. As long as the train of thought doesn't run out of steam, or my mind shifts in a different direction (topic in this case).

Like right now, if you were to see me type, you would be amazed at how fast I can get my thoughts out (maybe limited by my typing speed though). And it free flows, like a river unimpeded by dams.

That and I pay attention to everything. My friend was commenting on that the other day. Sitting there, discussing something, and I remembered something he said, some obscure comment he made a while ago, about how things would turn out for someone. He was amazed that I remembered it.

Anyway, I'm bored. Think I'm going to take a nap for a little bit. A person of fun & limitless laughs is coming over today (supposedly) to visit before he moves out of the area. Chill, kick it, play basketball. It'll be a good time.

Enjoy people, and have a good one.

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