I thought I would mention this  

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2/24/2006 9:41 pm

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I thought I would mention this

In my last post, Some truly sick people, I wrote a very animated paragraph, in terms of language and thought.

Normally, when I write, I do it on automatic pilot. The thoughts come out, and I write them as fast as possible. It's interesting to watch, because I'll just start typing, and won't stop until I'm done with my thought.

When I wrote that paragraph, it was the same. But, it was intense. My vision blurred, to the point I couldn't make out the letters.

I was working out my level of anger on the keyboard. Even as I finished the paragraph, I could still feel the reasoning behind the irritation, and the necessity to end it, and move onto something more positive, and more productive.

I know this. Those protestors should be thankful I wasn't there. I wouldn't have done anything violent. I would've just stared. And kept staring. I wouldn't have left until they all left. All I would've needed was some Snapple, and a pisser.

And after reading it in a calm state, it was a highly emotional, and angry outburst. But it needed to be said. Imagine what the widow wanted to say, and I'll bet what I said would be mild in comparison.

Well, enjoy. Have a good one folks.

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