I know it did.  

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2/18/2006 3:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I know it did.

And yes, I am aware my opening statement sounded arrogant & conceited.

Guess what?


Throughout history, the remains of those that didn't believe in themselves, didn't use every opportunity, and didn't make use of their skills & abilities to their fullest are littered everywhere.

The greatest people in history were unwaivering in their confidence in themselves, and their abilities. They took advantage of what they had, and made full use of it. They viewed themselves as an entity, as a god.

Though I am not that egocentric (hey, you in the peanut gallery, keep quiet!), it is funny to imagine being the son of a god (or an alien, depending on how you think we came to be), and be like "I am a Jedi Knight, the force is strong with me!"

How would the greats of history be judged if they existed today?

Would they be able to even attempt what they accomplished in our day and age?

And if they had our weaponry, how long would it take to conquer the entire world?

Imagine if the embodiment of the essence of the greatest traits of these people were placed in one human being (it could be, you never know). This individual could unite the planet, and bring humanity into a new era of thought, being, and discovery.

Hope to see it in my lifetime. I really, really do.

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