I have to say this (no one else will)  

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10/11/2005 12:32 am

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I have to say this (no one else will)

You know folks, I live in an area that has few people. It's a rural farming community. The surrounding areas are filled with mountainous terrain. The spot I live in exists as a big hole in the ground with a highway going right through it. Everyone passes through, wondering what they missed.

They didn't miss a thing.

I'm pissed right now. Not at this site, but the people in my area.

You chicken shit motherfuckers. Do you not realize this is a place to find someone, get together, fuck, and maybe make something more of it (if the parties involved want to). If you can't be real, upfront, and honest about who you are, what you want, and what you're looking for, then get the flock out of here, or at least keep your mouth shut. Don't waste our time.

This is a place to enjoy one another's company, not to be stuck up, immature, and flaky.

I'm so tired of people in general anymore I wish I could just wipe out most of you, leave a few decent human beings to repopulate the species, and maybe then humanity won't be so worthless. Because you gutless, inactive, lethargic bastards need to get off your asses and do something constructive.

What resulted in this? I've been trying to start something, and nothing has happened. Been here a month, and only had one connection made, and that lasted a couple hours (it was some decent sex, just not the right person). Everyone seems to be too lazy, or too timid, to make anything happen. And to top it off, a contact told me that even if she guaranteed sexual favors, she still couldn't get people to come. That's flippin' sad. You have someone offering something good, and no one will take it up. Retards.

So, as it goes, unless you scary bastards can get off your inactive ass and actually follow it through, don't have any kids, so you don't infect the world with your worthlessness.

Can you dig it?

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