I'm tired, so it might not be coherent.  

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2/16/2006 12:27 am

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I'm tired, so it might not be coherent.

Well, I'm on swing & days now. I am very happy, but it will take a week to get my sleeping schedule turned around so I am used to this. Sleeping during the evening is an old, and unused concept.

Some more stuff on me:

I have very limited patience in some circumstances.
High tolerance at times, no tolerance at times as well.
Stupid and ignorant people piss me off to no end.
Can't stand people who talk to hear themselves.
Highly intelligent (for those who say that's pure ego, read my blog, and you'll realize it as well; unless you're a hardcore liberal, or can't handle plain logic and truth).
I do have an ego. I'd say I've earned it. Those who know my circumstances would too.
I don't have to use deodorant (no sweat glands under the arms due to surgery - interesting story, save it for later), so I wear cologne. The top fav is Pi, followed by Aqua Di Gio, then Reaction. Tommy Summer is way too sweet for my tastes.
My tastes border on the dark & mysterious.
The most common question I get from people I know: is there anything you can't do? Yes there is, but if I told you, it would spoil the mystery.
I love to cook.
I do have a gut, but it is going away. If you think I'm full of it, I started the year around the mid 190's. As of yesterday, I hit 180. So, if you question my determination, I have one comment for you: get yourself a rectal lobotomy, a midget, and a 18 inch dildo. That way, you can have your head removed from your ass, and the midget can use the dildo to probe for what's left of your brain. Maybe he might find something useful, but I doubt it.
Humanity, I believe, has the potential to be something special, in the right hands (mine preferably).
I have a plan to save the world, and humanity, from its own self destruction. It's called two Alka-seltzer and a herd of nukes.

More later I bet. Enjoy people.

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