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1/31/2006 12:43 am

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Creamy creamy in your steamy

So, what's up people?

I was sitting here, trying to think of something halfway useful to say, and I had the thought formed, but the moment I wrote it down, it didn't come out right, and editing it was not a good thing (seemed to make it worse).

So, I cut that thought off.

Been a rather lousy week. As usual for me it seems; something goes right, then something comes along to screw it all up.

One buddy, haven't heard from for a week now. Irritates me because it was looking good for a moment, plus she's got a comedy dvd of mine (one of my favs too - Sam Kinison). She could be in jail, she could be this and that, but still, even if she was dead, she could've gotten a hold of a psychic or something to let me know. Disappointed.

Another buddy, who I haven't heard from in a couple weeks, called me this evening wanting to hang out. That was only the backdrop. He had to start bitching about the cunt (the one bitch who used to be a friend, then showed her true colors as a psychotic floozy). I was like, "uh, dude, I don't give a shit. I told you a while ago I don't care about her at all, nor do I want to hear about her. She crossed the line, so goodbye to her." I broke it down to him: she was never my friend (I went back and analyzed the time I've known her), the thoughts in her head cross the threshold of tolerable thought (jaw dropping, trust me), and I want NOTHING to do with her. She crossed the line, so she'll be lucky to ever hear me call her by her first name. She'll get the last name, without the Miss, because that denotes respect, and I have none for her.

I've said before - once the line is crossed, you're pretty much dead to me; whether you are a member of my inner circle, a family member, or a stranger on the street. It doesn't matter. The sad thing is I was going through the list in my head of all the people who have hosed me over the years> (Yes, I do keep track. I have a good memory people. Just because I don't talk much, doesn't mean I'm not paying attention.) And yes, it is a long list. But the "Crossed Line" list included very few people; no more than 10 (I said earlier, you have to do something fucked up for me to want nothing to do with you.) I won't list them, because mentioning the names of my personal acquaintances goes against my judgement.

Let's just say that if any of these people were the last on Earth, and I had a choice between mating & children with them, or death to humanity, which do you think I'd choose?

The positives are that I played some poker, did pretty well. Better than I expected. See if I win tomorrow. I'm not at work. I'm listening to some music. I've been doing more exercising, and the gut is stiffening up. Just wish my shoulders were better. Oh well, work with what you have.

Yes folks, I do listen to . Hows:

2 Live Crew
Tone Loc
Sir Mix-A-Lot
Dr. Dre

strike you?

Anyway, later.


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