And an extra thought.  

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2/15/2006 3:20 am

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And an extra thought.

It's funny how many people look at me. A buddy of mine was stunned to see me in a bar a few weeks ago. But it got me thinking about what I enjoy, so I decided to make a list. Whether I check it twice or not, I don't know (yes I do, and yes I will).

Wine: a wine spot, or at home.
My Rotary engined car.
Music: ranging from Mozart & Beethoven, to Pantera & Megadeth, to Luke & Dr. Dre, to Johnny Cash.
Thinking: from the creation of the universe, to the PETA bastards & their ultimate level of hypocracy they have achieved.)
Cooking: I bet I can cook better than a number of you.
Driving: anything better than a spontaneous ride somewhere, just for the fun of it?
Writing: uh, like I need to explain this one. Especially with all that I do in here.
Sex: oral, vaginal, and maybe anal (if she's down with it, and actually likes it). Plus group, if I ever get to try that.

I'm sure I'll have more later. Enjoy people.

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