All friends we can be  

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1/31/2006 1:49 am

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All friends we can be

I've got a great deal to say today apparently, damn.

Can't stop typing right now.

Ok, moving on.

A number of thoughts that I have, and I make into statements, tend to annoy people. Hell, I bet they send a few of you into full blown panic attacks. Could be why I get so few regulars. Either you like these thoughts, or are a glutton for punishment. Either way, I thank you for your continual presence. It gives me some pleasure knowing I'm being read by a few people.

So, I piss a few people off from time to time. More like a great many times. Here's the thing I wish you people would realize.

Many people like to give their perspectives on life, as do I. So when I get a bunch of thoughts and ideas that I may not care too much for, but I listen, and try hard as I might to see things from your side, I still can't see it. Well, guess what I'm going to do? I'm going to choose, respectfully, to challenge your thoughts. If my thoughts go in one ear and out the other, and you just continue on with your bitch session, that's when I get pissed.

Because I can't tolerate people who never try to see something from someone else's perspective. That's just ignorant. So when I try to provide some intelligence, some common sense, and some inside stuff, and all I get is static or outright rejection, I naturally get pissed.

Why? Because, in my mind, why can't you see things in an intelligent, logical manner? You should be able to see what I see, and be able to understand what I understand. Instead, I get the deer in headlights syndrome of blank eyes, slack jaw, and the usual "uh."

I hate ignorance and stupidity people. It sends me up a pole to salute you all. Because, at what point do we realize that we have too many stupid people out there that need to be educated.

And just now, this thought occurred:

What if, all the money that people spend on organized religion was put toward the educational system in this country, we could have the most intelligent, and advanced society in human history.

How many people attend services, and how much do you give? Mormons pay a certain amount to the church.

Imagine all of that cash that various religions take in were used to educate, and advance humanity with knowledge, and progress. It would be a beautiful thing, but it would never happen. Especially with the one sin they exhibit with absolute audaciousness.

They walk up on stage, in suits that cost more than 90% make in a month, more jewelry hanging off of them than Liberace, and actually asking you to give more to them.

AND YOU ACTUALLY DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you people question me?

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