Ahh, something new to add.  

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4/1/2006 1:08 pm

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4/1/2006 1:08 pm

Ahh, something new to add.

Well, my new (old) car is in my possession.

The interior is near perfect, with the leather seats looking well for their age, and still hugging you tight.

It has a light flywheel apparently, which can make starting out a little tricky. But once it gets going, it hauls ass. Keep in mind, this car is anywhere between 300-500lbs heavier than my old car because of the convertible, and it'll smoke it. Can't do 5th in anything under 80, and even that might be too low.

Tires are near new, as well as the brake system, the engine (which has about 6k on it, and is street ported), and the exhaust system.

The car itself is 75% percent complete. It does have issues. Most of which are minor, and cosmetic. A couple issues will need major work, possibly complete replacement (such as the clutch)

But, as I see it, the condition it is in, mechanically, is pretty good, with a few minor complaints.

Cosmetically, I'd put it in great condition. If not for a couple gripes.

So, I am happy about the car.

So, need to get moving, get a few things done.

Enjoy people, and I'll see you with the top down (on a good day).

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