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4/2/2006 6:10 pm
A needed addition

It has been a decent day.

Work was full of interesting people, more so than usual.

We had a multi-dimensional nasty (you heard it here first) come through the station. A short, fat, blob of a woman, with eyes going in two different directions. This woman stank like no other. Remember the hippee wannabe from my earlier posts, well, this woman had her stank beat. And the best part: when she was walking outside, she was yelling, screaming, swearing at nothing, I repeat nothing. Though she would yell at passing cars, move like a pecking chicken towards them, it was sad, yet great entertainment. Her and her trusted sleeping bag.

Made me remeber the old cartoons where someone was declared crazy and they had a net put over them, locked in a straightjacket, and hauled away. Made me want to call the local psych ward (it's across the street from the prison, go figure) and have them do their version of that cartoon.

I've been grooving to the new Prince CD, 3121. Was listening to a new Beastie Boys CD earlier.

A note to all you R&B people, whether you've made it, or aspire to it: listen to Prince. He still has it, and it is some good stuff (I'm making a concerted effort to stop swearing except when necessary). It's not all great, but must better than anything I've heard in that genre in a while.

A point I wanted to make in the last post as well, but never got to it:

I come off as an asshole, especially when I analyse people and situations. I give criticism that is constructive, yet can be grating. And most people shudder when I begin my spouts.

And I've said before that it is not meant as venom, even though it is often taken as such. It is constructive criticism, meant to help improve.

Because, I don't say, "that guy is a worthless (insert noun or adjective)," and leave it at that. I explain it, offer up tips how to not be that way, and whether you accept it or not is up to you. Which is what I would like people to be with me. However, rarely do I ever hear it, and if I do, it rarely is from them, but from a middleman.

Now, most people think I analyze them and situations exclusively. ON the contrary, I've analyzed myself so often, and now is a good example. As I write this, I am thinking of all my faults, my problems, my benefits, my charms. I consider all the possibilities of my existence: what am I, what am I to become, and will I be able to fulfill the expectations, and talents, that are placed within me?

These are things I think about constantly. So when people say, or think that I believe I'm perfect, they are making an assumptions.

Ask me that question yourself. I'll give you the answer straight up.

I'm not. I'm not even close. No one is ever perfect. At any given moment, at any given time, there is always going to be someone better, someone stronger, quicker, smarter than you.

And even they can be beat too. If I sat here and said I was perfect, I'd be a conceited, arrogant, egocentric butt-munch.

I've got great ideas, great theories, and great thoughts, but many will not work yet, or anytime soon.

Some are so out there that they scare people.

I digress.

So, is anyone perfect, hell no. I doubt anyone even can claim a 75% rate of perfection.

What do you think?

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