Perfect timing....  

rm_philonymph 39M
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9/19/2005 8:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Perfect timing....

Most of the people I know who regularly read my blog probably already know this, but for those who don't, this is for you.

If you ever wonder why "bad" things happen, stop and consider if it is indeed bad at all. All things happen for a reason, and precisely at the time they need to happen.


Tonight on my way home from work, my tire shat on me. I could've been upset (well, maybe I was, just a little), but thinking about it, I realized this couldn't have happened at a better time. For a while now, I've been awfully poor. Just barely having enough to feed myself and buy enough gas to make it to work. I just got paid for the last two weeks, in which I had picked up twice as many hours as I was scheduled (bigger paycheck). I've needed new tires for some time now, so Life gave me the motivation to not procrastinate, and perhaps waited to blow out on me when I wasn't able to afford it anymore. The friend I live with now is able to get me a really good deal on tires (another bonus Life threw me), and he has the day off tomorrow to help me get it done.

Please don't ever forget, no matter how bad it seems, Life gives you these tests so that when the really tough times come, you'll be better able to handle them. Nothing is pure chance.

rm_mtnravyn 61M
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9/19/2005 9:13 pm

My favorite tale- In a small country somewhere on the Scandinavian peninsula lived an old man and his son. His wife had died years before. All he owned was his small farm and a horse. One day he awoke to find the horse was gone.
All the villagers were saying “Old man, this is bad thing that has happened. You have lost your horse. What are you going to do?”
The old man did not seem to be upset. “I do not know whether this is bad or good, I only know that yesterday I had a horse and today I have none.”
A week later the old man awoke to see seven horses in his open corral.
The villagers were strident in their praise. “Old man you were right. Losing your horse was not a bad thing. Look you now have seven horses. You are rich now.”
“I do not know whether this is bad or good, I only know that yesterday I had no horses and now I have seven.”
Two weeks later, his son was breaking the horses so they could be sold and was thrown and broke his leg in two places.
The villagers were again very vocal “Old man you were right. This was not a good thing because now your son cannot help you for along time because of his broken leg.
“I do not know whether this is bad or good, I only know that yesterday I had very healthy son and today his leg is broken and he will be incapacitated for a long time.”
Not long after this the small country went to war. The army came through all the villages conscripting all the young men. But the old mans son was not taken because of his broken leg.
The villagers were vociferous in their response “Old man you were right, this was not a bad thing. Because of his broken leg the army did not take your son.”
“I do not know whether this is bad or good, I only know that my son is not going to have to go to war.”
Trying to judge any event or choice, or even trying to gain enough information to ensure you do not make a wrong choice or make the right choice most often will deny you or delay the possibility of experience. In the long term, make your choices, engage the experience and do not judge. You always have choice and you always have time. To squander time or fear the wrong choice can keep you in the cultural quagmire of mediocrity

Thanks for your story.

wyvernrose 39F  
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9/19/2005 9:16 pm

yeah I know my mum tried to tell me the same thing when we didn't get the carnival....

everything happens for a reason....yeah and I guess she is right....if we had brought it then had our fridge blow up as it did we would not have been able to afford to have replaced it until I actually got a job so just maybe not having our dream car isn't all bad...

but it still would be bloody nice if money rained from the sky and all our dreams came true


moyrarose 44F

9/19/2005 11:00 pm

And maybe, just maybe, there are other good things happening in your life and sending you positive karma...

I'm a fatalist - I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I have story upon story for believing it.. for example, who would have believed I'd meet someone as interesting as you on a site like this.. talk to you soon!

moyrarose 44F

9/19/2005 11:03 pm

Oh, by the way, one more comment - I love the new "eye-con"... very nice!

Can't you just move a little closer this way?? Good thing cell phones have free long distance!

rm_FreeLove999 47F
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9/20/2005 12:22 am

nice perspective... tho, we've had a run of bad luck with out car this year and can't say i can see the bright side of that -- the R8000 we spent on sorting the car was meant to go towards the printing of my book -- and now i can't afford to print my book and i am totally utterly depressed about it!

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rm_philonymph 39M
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9/20/2005 9:10 am

mtnravyn: I love that totally hits the whole point.

FreeLove: It sucks that you can't get your book printed, YET, perhaps the world isn't ready for it yet, and premature release could be worse than a delayed release (wow, that could be taken one of several ways, couldn't it?)

Philosophy_N_Sex 50M/48F

9/20/2005 11:26 am

Great blog thank you for the treat!

sleeplessknight1 69M

9/20/2005 11:43 am

As advertised by Free.... so here I am
Couldn't agree more everything in Life has a reason...
Same happened here, but a slow puncture..the tyre was dangerous and I had intended to drive 500 miles on it the next day....
There is an actor, and his motto or thought on this subject is that you should try to turn the negatives around and turn them into positives... nice idea... I am still working on that one

rm_FreeLove999 47F
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9/21/2005 1:06 am

LOL! philo, hey, i really needed that perspective ... i know i should trust a little more in god, since he is the one who told me to write the damn thing in the first place ... but a lot of the time i don't believe in god, so it doesn't help.

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