Through the Looking Glass  

rm_philfort 49M
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8/5/2006 6:18 am
Through the Looking Glass

Caliope surmised that of all the amazing and mind boggling things in god's ant farm, the mirror was easily the grandest. Owning no particular pride of it's own, a mirror's sole purpose was to give . . without an ounce of emotion, not even a fly speck of self deprecation, no prejudice or judgement, a mirror simply examined and returned that which was offered it.

Caliope gained this knowledge from odd angles, tonight offering not one single mirror but many set in such a way as to form one, an image of her sex act. As actor/director, she mugged for her own eye camera, her reflective, ceiling mounted big screen, without care or concern, returned her portrayal of a cock starved porn goddess in real time.
How fascinating it was to her . . where a person viewing the act might groan in either ectasy or disgust as her leading man forced his tensile shaft past her sphincter muscle, burying himself in her ass, the mirror proffered the unwrapped gift of the penetration back to her as quickly as she had given it, without deviation or deceipt. It was almost like she were two seperate people, entangled in the same sweaty dream, sperated by the thinnest of margins between each dimension.
As she gasped and moaned, so too moaned the Caliope reflected back . . each bead of sweat, every hair unmoored in the coupling, matching goose bump for goose bump, she, he, they, them . . a ballet on the shimmering surface of an unspoiled lake . . all the while the mirror, unmotivated by any sense of self, seeing nothing but perfection in the moment, remained completely faithful . . no edits, no second takes, no criticism or praise, no suggestions, no recommendations, advice or admiration . . just reflection . . pure and perfect.

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