Good times  

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7/24/2005 10:26 pm

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Good times

There are those moments that we all forget because of their perfect contentedness. They are not outstanding moments, but they exists as happy spaces of time in our lives which it is good to enjoy when you recognize them.

Today I enjoyed one of these moments, reading a long-worked-on book in a coffee shop. I was next to a gas fireplace in a comfy chair drinking hot apple cider and the best cookies in the world (soft _and_ crunchy!). Whenever I needed to contemplate the reading I could take a moment and peer out the window at the throngs of interesting people that make up the landscape of montreal, easily growing into one of the most cosmopolitian cities in the world.

You take a moment to wonder if the woman with the heels is on her way to meet someone? Is the man with the tie loosened in a rush all the time or just this once? Those three people are guesturing wildly with their hands while they stroll along. The homeless man with one arm, what's his story? Really people are facinating and it can feel really good to be the one contemplating them over a hot cuppa instead of rushing past like I would most other days.

I can define only three other times in life when I felt so relaxed, secure, and thoughtful. Once in an airport, once on a rock at night a hundred miles away from the nearest source of electric light, and once on the grass behind my high school on the last day of the last year. There must be others but only those three stand out to me right now.

That's my mood and thoughts on life for today. Thanks for reading my meanderings thus far!

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