Damn. Trashy.  

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7/22/2005 9:31 pm

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Damn. Trashy.

Here's my post replying to a new member's profile where she indentifies her reason for being here as a good place to auction off her virginity since her "no-good ex" went off and got himself some (after five years of blue balls? I'm not surprised!). Is my reply reasonable?

"Well, your ex is perfectly human, and both of you were pretty naieve. Predictable results.

Wanting what you want is not going to make you feel better. Having someone pay you to have sex with you to lose your virginity is probably going to haunt you later in life and I would not recommend it.

Having said that I do understand where you are coming from. Your ex broke the contract. The unwritten but expected contract of your relationship and that's always going to hurt. I seriously doubt that you will be able to continue again with this guy, but that's your choice.

At any rate what I think you really want is someone to tell you that you really are beautiful, desirable, and a sexy woman and have it come from a person you can believe. I can't do that since your profile seems trashy and immature.

Deflowering isn't a great experience and if you want the truth here it is: Rent a sexy (to you) porno, something directed by women would be best, and get a decent vibrator and a big dildo. Get a good bottle of wine and have a self-deflowering night all to yourself. Use lots of candles, incense, sexy clothes and really tell yourself so that you believe it just how sexy you are. Then go and find a man you like the look of (one recommended by a girlfriend is good), and fuck his brains out once you're sure you want him to be 'the one'. This way you avoid all that 'breaking the hymen' crap that people want to convince you is important for the experience to be complete.

Make sure you use this guy only for this purpose and never acually date him. Just getting a hot virgin will be enough for him, don't accept cash, just kisses.

Then it's all done and you can get on with being whoever you are that will eventually meet the man/men who will be exactly who and what you want/need (not your ex) and you can talk to about what you want in your life with.

But please don't start like this. You seem nice, but touched by anger and that makes me sad.


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