I am SO pissed at the A.F.F. people... What the HELL?  

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8/7/2006 8:04 pm

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I am SO pissed at the A.F.F. people... What the HELL?

Saturday while nursing a little hang-over, I finally noticed that we now are allowed 20 photos witho our profiles.... and I updated my profile (yes.. that blitherful drivel CAN get longer and more detailed.. some people STILL don't pay any attnetion - an my patience is shorter every time) so I uploaded more photos. One that A.F.F. has approverd over and over and over and over and over within the OVER two years I have been here.. they now reject... it's NOT inappropriate, it DOES fall within their guidelings (barely... but still WITHIN!)...

I just got so pissed I sat there for about two hours uploading it while they kept rejecting it, upload it again, reject it again... yeah - I didn't really have anything else to do and I felt like not getting pushed around... It's been ON MY FUCKING PROFILE for OVER two years... WTF... and ya know what? If people can show they're peckers and assholes and pussy lips and cumshots, no matter how aweful they may be!!!_... And couples who have profiles listed as Females, NOT couples, AND post man pictures and get away with it (eg: you can have a couples profile... if "rules are rules" and they're making me follow THIS one as tights as a whore in a convent... - matter of principle... that's all), then who the FUCK are they to tell me I can't have a photo of me FULLY CLOTHED, of my face, that happens to still have a little bit of a dogs head in the photo too... big fucking deal. Can they not distunguish between a photo of you and your dog that has been cropped right down, and a photo of a dog involved in a sex act. What makes that photo unacceptable? NOTHING....

UUUGH.. I'm just torqued at these people that have no problems taking my money - month after month after month... but don't provide me the FULL services they advertise!! And refuse to fix the problems... but then wanna get petty on me about this one photo that has BEEN HERE for two years.

So tonight I wrote them this:

This could actually be Cupid / profile / Matching problems.

This is nothing new.. this is actually a problem that has existed since I first became a member, but it's finally really become a major problem - to me. Why now -- well... please know I mean this respectfully, but pragmatically as well. One pays month after month after month after month... and the basic functions one needs don't work. That... and a photo that you have approved over and over and over spanning the last two years, that is NOT inappropriate, you are not absolutely refusing to approve. SO as a matter of principal... if it's going to be that way... then I would please like to receive all of the functionality of my profile that I pay for month after month after month after.... see where I am coming from?

People who ***ARE*** within my preferred age bracket often display in the "Compatibility" section as **NOT** within my age bracket. People ***WELL within*** my distance preference, show as ***NOT*** within my distance match, poeple who ***ARE*** within my body type preference show up as ***not*** within my body preference, and people ***WELL within*** my gender preference show as ***NOT*** within my gender preference!!!!

Just like your mapping of distances in Alaska tend to be a couple hundred miles off!! Fairbanks is NOT in "Northern Alaska", we are in the Interior... yet We're in your "Northern Alaska" Map for "Local Blogs" -- even though we're not on your map!! And if you check the actual map for the location of Fairbanks, the 2nd LARGEST city in the entire state (!!!) you have us down by Anchorage... which we are not... not even close... it's a 6.5 hour drive to Anchorage! Someone I KNOW lives about 9 miles from me, you show as living 50 miles from me, and we've chatted and both have checked our details in our profiles.

So... As you can see this most likely - no, this absolutely effecting my matching and most likely effects who does or does not contact me! I don't want my profile to work magic... I just want my profile to do all it can for me, and the matching or compatibility ratings to actually work for my benefit. Otherwise, why even have them? Or... allow me to turn them all off since they don't work! Yet.. that would just leave me with a skeleton site on a profile I have worked so hard on and put so much into.

I have changed all the settings and saved... logged out.... logged back in... changed them all back to what I want... logged out again... logged in again hoping this would reset my preferences. It does not.

THE KICKER!!! A question I have asked about half a dozen times now... but never received an actual answer for.... What can we do to fix this problem once and for all?????

Thank you,

Really... it just totally burns my ass when you PAY good green money for something you do not receive. Either delived to me the goods/services I am purchasing, or reduce the fucking prices.

Okay... bottom line.. A.F.F. just has me pissed off. I'll get over it.....

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8/7/2006 11:34 pm

Now you are starting to sound like the Rosie I first heard from when I started using A.F.F. ...good to have you back with your rants! UR the best!

Love the Geography Photo....A.F.F. should use it for their new intro photo.

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