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6/7/2006 8:41 am

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A.F.F. Blogging :: Extreme False Sense of Security

Since people without a membership of even the basic-est kind can't hardly move around here, rather - they can move around but can't *do* (selective searching, initiate contact, etc) much until they pay, we get used to the idea that if someone contact us independently that they have at least committed to a membership of some sort.

I'm sure I'm not the only person here who blindly assumes that meant I could start a blog here, within the secure walls of a place which others are at least wanting to be like minded, have user names and passwords, therefore assuming I have wider boundaries and more allowances to the kinds of topics I can talk about. For instance: I wouldn't use my *regular* public blog to discuss my experience over the last year with getting my nipples pierced and how it's been since I had them done. I wouldn't post on my public blog that I'm tired of being bi-curious and really would like to kill the cat... but am still too timid to act on it. I wouldn't dream of it... because people I work with know I *have* a blog and it is after all public!

I was originally under the impression that only other A.F.F.ers could read these blogs. But that's not the case at all. ANYONE can read these things! Yep - they come to the A.F.F. site, click on blogs, and they see a link that says "I'm 18+ yrs old..." -- no age verification, no identity needed... just click the link and read all you want to!

I'm not sure if the fine print told me that - I didn't read it! Did you? Probably not. If you did, then I would bet money you are the exception to the rule!

Granted... non members cannot comment or interact, but still!!! Think about it - that's a brilliant marketing ploy! A.F.F. opens the blogs up to the world, the world's bored, rejected, lonely surf, find the blogs, read stuff, are enticed to answer or comment but cannot, so they get a membership, and ~boom~ memberships are on the rise! It's an excellent marketing campaign.

So... just be aware and beware! Your words here are in fact entirely public, your boss, coworker, brother, sister, KIDS can read them, and they can see your neked little avatars too!!

Hmm... at least on my public blog I have control. I set the permissions. I can choose to set a name and password for viewers so I can make it private if I choose to do so... Not sure how much I'll write here now, or if it will be as interesting as it could be if A.F.F. were to give us that security!
-- peeper

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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6/7/2006 9:09 am

It would help if it were more secure. My friend found us and reads my blogs everyday!

Purry {=}


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