Just like my Dad!!!!!!  

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2/24/2006 12:33 am

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Just like my Dad!!!!!!

after finishing the task of changing the starter in my car i went to a nearby gas station and was talking to some people that i know quite well and i heard a voise that i don't hear very often - it said "she's her father's daughter" - here it was an old friend of my dads. since dad passed away on February 7th of 2001 i have found it hard to do things that he would normally help me with like the starter. well i did manage to get it done but i could feel i was getting a little help for someplace. after the comment that dads friend made i realized that what i was feeling was my dad helping me like he used to but in a little bit different way.

Death can be a sad thing but this one has brought me alot closer to my dad than i was before and i do agree with the friend - i am alot like dad. thanks dad for all that you taught me and helped me with. every little bit helps - today you helped me more than you'll ever know.

i hope you don't think this is morbid - i just want people to see that just bacause someone isn't standing there talking to you and physically helping you - there is a higher power that lets your loved ones help you in any way that they can - they are your guardian angels.

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