women are fake  

rm_pboombatz 33M
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6/29/2006 11:40 pm

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8/8/2006 2:15 pm

women are fake

i am tired of women out in public. i wonder what it is that happens to children as they grow up that makes them so angry and cold hearted to other people. for example, if you randomly see a child on the metro, if they see you, they smile, wave , and want to get to know you. that innocence and enjoying life is something i feel more people should have. but if you see a pretty girl and make eye contact, she takes offense sometimes and acts as though you are an asshole for merely saying hello. what is it that happens from the times of being outgoingly friendly to cold hearted and selective to who you say hello to. oh well, maybe im nuts but i think about these things. i dont get why women seem to think they are above someone sometimes. are we not all people. just because a girl tries to buy her social status with a coach bag, prada sunglasses, and trendy fashions, im supposed to treat her like a goddess? if only women realized that men like me will treat them like princesses regardless of what the are on the outside. but maybe i was just born in the wrong generation where you have to impress people with possesions rather than character.

showmemore47 70M

6/30/2006 12:25 am

Thats because as you were growing up you were kicked to the curb to many times and women take it harder than men because they have more feelings.-So dont take it so hard if a women dosent jump in your arms when you say hello.-Women are not fake just carefull and meeting on this site affords them some security.

blueflame44 40M

7/23/2006 3:04 pm

I think men who behave like gentlemen have a hard time understanding why attractive women are wary of making eye contact in public. There are way too many desparate, weird, poorly socialized males out there. Just one encounter with one of these losers is enough to really make women very careful about who they are friendly too. Too many of these guys take a friendly gesture as meaning the woman wants to sleep with them. Of course, because of the behavior of the jerks, good men and women suffer because it is harder to make spontaneous friend in public spaces.

dance2sexfantasy 34M

7/23/2006 11:40 pm

As a 23yo compassionate/artist type gentleman, I agree it's understandable to a degree. However, while women may want to air on the side of caution, it would be nice to be simply acknowledged and then told they'd just like to be left alone if they start to get creeped out.
Last night I was out at the club and turned my head to look at two womens' faces or into their eyes because from a quick glance I thought I knew them, when I realized I didn't and they noticed me making eye contact (almost at the exact same time) I just smiled and said "Hi" as they turned an offensive look into a fake smile and turned away. I wasn't even interested, I have a girlfriend, and I feel the same way pboombatz does everytime that happens.

I agree with blueflame44, because of the behavior of jerks, good men and women are just going to have to suffer, but I think it's better said that it is a result of the fact that we live in a culture where our hardened hearts have caused us all to perpetuate the same vicious cycle. The desparate, weird, poorly socialized losers out there scare women into putting up their gaurd (or what I like to call their protective/angry/disgust shields) which in turn causes them to be extra wary of whom they are friendly to, so even the slightest attempts to communicate to women can be taken the wrong way or ignored ; therefore offending and turning sour the civilized gentlemen left in the world. So I wonder if we'll ever find a way to not only make spontaneous friends in public spaces, but simply to show respect for and be kind to one another as human beings.

Just this morning I ran into a similar situation.
I was mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges of a business client when a young attractive woman passed me twice on her way to the store. I was wearing my work shirt and we were about 20feet away from each other when she passed me the second time and I yelled "excuse me, do you know the time". To which she replied, "what?.." I repeated "Do you have a watch or know what time it is?" and then she just nodded yes and said yeah then kept walking. I had just given her a half-smile and nod about 20mins beforehand, so that wasn't it and she could've easily said "no sorry" or "I still can't hear you"...

Grrrr! Stupid people annoy me! I thought about yelling "Well, thanks a lot BITCH" but I refrained and decided I don't need to make a scene out of nothing. However, it OBVIOUSLY still pissed me off!

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